Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow....I took a long time.

Did I really just take a month and a week between posts???? Huddo!

It is really time to get back to bloggin!

So....I decided since we are going on vacation in about a week, it was time to get back to blogging. Chris is leaving on Friday and I will catch up with him after that. We are headed to Yellowstone. I have never been there and what better time to start blogging again then a family vacation! WOO!!!! Vacations are super fun to blog about and blog while you are on....I think so anyways. Especially when there are pictures involved.

Other things that have happened....Erin and the girls (the cute ones pictured below) came back to Utah to live! WOOT!!!

This is Liz, she is 8.

This is Emmilee, she is 6.

And this is spoiled rotten by Uncle Chris. I mean Elaina. She is 4.

Me and hubby have had fun having them back. Erin and the kids come visit often and the kids have even spent the night! Me and Chris didn't sleep a wink. We were too busy worrying about them. Are they too cold, do they need to go to the bathroom, are the cats bugging them, should we check on them. They slept the whole night long! We had nothing to worry about.

My health has been getting better. I have been seeing the pain management clinic and they have been helping me a lot. I have also been losing some weight. *whisper* I weigh less than what my drivers license says. I am working on feeling even better. :-)

Moar good news!!!! These kids are coming home for a month long visit!!!! HURRAY!!!!! A month won't be long enough but we take whatever we can get.

This is Lydia, she is 7.

And this is Noah and he is almost 4. I will be back soon with more updates about other things and hopefully more random things. :-)