Monday, December 14, 2009

1/4/10....the big day

So I know I have talked about having health issues on here before. I am hoping to be remedying some of them on January 4th, 2010. I am going in to have my tethered cord....well, untethered. Frankly, I am pretty excited. I am nervous of course, but mostly excited at the possibilities it brings. I will try and keep a good blog of what goes on and how I am doing but no guarantees ok? Then again, I might need something to do in the hospital. :-)

If you aren't too grossed out by hospital procedures, check this out. This is what will be happening to me on surgery day. I chose to post the link in case there are some squeamish people out there. I will try and post again after my pre-op appointment on Thursday. That day i should get a lot of questions answered.

Also, things around our house have been a lot different without Inka around. Mushy has been a lot more vocal. As hubby put it, he thinks that Tweedle Dumb finally realized he lost his Tweedle Dee. Gracie has come back to the bed. I think she understands who is head woman now....or again. And Bill has just been really vulgar and doing icky things to his sister that fixed cats should not be doing to his sister. What do you do?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear friend.....I let your paw go.

I first have to say I know that I have not been blogging. There has been much to say but no desire to share if that is understandable. Right now I have the need to type, cry, wipe my nose on my shirt and get it all out so the few friends I talk to most dont have to hear about it 17 gabillion more times.

Inka left this world to be in a better one on 11/24/09 around 6:30pm. It was our choice to let the suffering end due to the fact the Dr. Maloof told us she had an enlarged heart with fluid around it and her lungs. We couldn't allow her to suffer anymore. Hubby and I saw that she was breathing quite heavily the night before and knew something was not right. We could also see she had lost a lot of weight by the way she was breathing. The doctor said she had lost 2 pounds of an already small 8 pound body. Before making the final decision, we petted, loved and visited with her for 2 hours and we finally decided to let her go that night and we would bring her home to bury in the back yard. Chris left and I stayed behind to say some final goodbyes. Dr. Maloof came in to give her a shot to relax her and make Inka not remember any of it. Within 30 seconds she was laying on the table. I picked her up in the blanket she had been laying on and rocked her. I just told her I loved her and that I was gonna get my chance to hold her before she went whether she liked it or not. I told her Chris loved her very much and that she was a good cat. I couldnt forget that Mushy loves her and will be so very lost with out her. I held her until her body was so limp I knew her spirt had moved on. I layed her shell back onto the table and stroked her coat which had amazingly become soft again. Soft like it was days before she got sick. Shiny and soft. Then she started to gasp for air and the breaths were further and further apart. I knew at this time we had done the right thing. I brought Dr. Maloof back and told her "I think she is suffering.....she is gasping for her last breaths. It is time to let her go." I said some fast "Goodbyes", "You are a good kitty", and "You know we love you soooo much". I stepped out for the administration of the second drug and waited in the lobby. It was so surreal to sit in a lobby of a vet clinic where you know you are supposed to "Ooooh" and "Aaaahhh" over whatever comes in the door. No, you are sitting there waiting with an empty pet carrier. Dr. Maloof brough out a box, which I never opened, and I said a teary "Thank you" as she touched my shoulder. I put Inka in the cargo area and gently asked her not to move around too much. When I got home, I didnt really know what to do with her. Hubby was still at the pharmacy picking up my medicine for the swine flu. We were going to dig this hole together. I sat inside and waited. As I do most things, I posted my personal tragedy on Facebook. Hubby came home and actually did the same. We were supposed to be eating our nutritious and delicious Wendy's dinner.....right. Luckily through the "news travels fast" ways of facebook, a friend contacted Chris and let him know that his MIL works at a vet clinic and they could help us out. We both knew that having Inka in the backyard didnt appease us much. Wednesday morning, sickness and all, we packed up and took our special box down. They took good care of her for $30 and for an extra few they are putting her paw print in a metal cast. It will be on a plaque with a picture frame and her name. Finally, we are getting some closure....the sobs are simmering down to a minimum, and I can just lay down and have the H1N1 flu.....
Until today. We dont get the mail much. Me and hubby LOVE LOVE LOVE mail, but we just dont get down to our stupid lock and key, community mail box. We haul in the pile of mail today and I begin the tedious task of sorting. Chris is elsewhere. Bill, bill, recycle, want money, recycle, bill....Christmas card already??? To the Brooks Family???? *open open open* Kitty on the front! This is what was inside.....

Kind words from the wonderful Dr. Maloof.

And they remembered I forgot Inka's paw prints we tried to take right before she died. The office stuck them in the card. This induced uncontrollable sobbing as well as running up the stairs saying, "Stupid mail, we shouldnt have got the stupid mail." I have been crying ever since. I didnt think I (or Chris for that matter) would be as broken up as we are about a cat we rescued from my moms house 3 or 4 years ago. She was, what we thought, just our Pretty Inka McStinka who we had to keep the toilet lids down for because she loved to play in them. Or that silly cat who loved to steal french fries. Or the goof ball who would jump and jump and jump to be petted, but would never be held.....but I held you Inka. You know what pretty liked it.

And so did I.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

At a loss of what to do.

Welcome to Sunday night Sharing. Tonight I am gonna share and then go to bed. But I am looking for advice on what to do. I have 3 family members on facebook who found me. Well, one of them is one who I haven't talked to in a number of long in fact she has not even met my husband. Me and Chris have been married 7 and a half years. This makes me sad. No one in her family made it to my wedding. We saw them quite often when I was growing up. I know there was a falling out when grandpa died between my dad and her but you know what someone still could have come to my wedding. Now I am being all wishy washy about whether or not I want to add her to facebook. I am pretty sure I am being childish.
The other 2 are my mom's brother and his wife. A couple who I have been quite close to in the past few years. I am just weary of due to the fact I dont want to get lectured on what I put on there. I want to have my freedom of speech. Maybe facebook needs to have a freedom of relatives on there. A nicely put "No thanks, Angie does not want to add you as a friend at this time, maybe reapply later" letter could go out if I chose to click the no button. I have had these 3 sitting in my in box for over a week now. Someone I didnt even know came in and asked to be my friend and right away I was like "Hey yeah sure! I dont know you and I am pretty sure you will judge me less than my family will....come on in!" The one I havent spoken to in many years will give me access to a whole side of the family I havent seen or heard from in many years and that would be absolutely amazing. Maybe I had better just suck up my facebook pride and just run with it. What do you guys think...well the 2 or 3 of you that do read this?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going back in time...

Since this is supposed to be Thursday Throwback, I thought I would actually keep up with my word. This is a toss back to my high school days. I dont remember what year this was taken in, but this is of me and my BFF (still to this day) at Sears. His mom took us and we got these super corny shots of us together. We got separated after we went to Joel P. Jensen Middle school. One of us had to go to Copper Hills High and the other to West Jordan and we were pretty much devastated. So, down to the local Sears we went to get super cheesy photos, by an equally young photographer. We probably spent about $100 of Mickels moms money but we had good time laughing and goofing off. Mickel thinks my mom gave him that hair cut. I am hoping that my mom didnt do something that awful like a bowl cut to him. That is just hideous! Poor Mickel. My mom did cut a lot of my guy friends hair. I think she still have my one friend Dave's long ponytail. My mom is a good saver of things. If you ever think you might have lost something from when you were a kid, nah...just ask my mom.

On a side note, I went in for my dental surgery today. It was kinda awful, but as long as I keep up on my pain meds and dont try and eat too much I am ok. There are a few stitches in my mouth and they get in the way of food and important things like that. Before I even sat up out of the chair, I had a bruise forming on my face. How cool do you have to be to get a bruise going right away? I rock the casbah! Not sure if I will feel up to partying much tomorrow night, if at all. I kinda feel like hubby is wanting me to be his DD, but sometimes you just have to let someone with stitches in their face heal. I have chosen to sleep on the couch tonight due to the fact they asked me to sleep elevated and I snore. Hubby has to work tomorrow. I will cut him a break there. Well, I am gonna go watch a movie and hope for a little shut eye. Maybe have one of those tasty Creamies hubby bought me. :-) Hurray! Maybe I will see you for family friday unless I think of another topic. Bye!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TV Wednesday.....

hello everyone. this post looks a little wonky because it is being made from my phone from my bed....woohoo. with might i say very little punctuation due to the fact my phone goes silly everytime i try to use it. Tomorrow I go in for my failed root canal surgery. I don't feel prepared. I haven't cooked, cleaned, or done anything in which one might do before a surgery. Now I feel unprepared. What do you do at hour 19? Oh well right??

Let's talk TV! Anyone watching the new season of Americas Next Top Model yet? I know it just debuted tonght but I adore this show and all the drama that goes with it. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! If you have it tivoed....pass this next little bit. Didn't you think the bald chick should have been tossed right off the building for bitching nd whining just about her eyebrows and make up??? Hullow! That's just me. And what do we think of Tyras dark hair? I personally love it! It is sassy! Loved that on her show she took out her weave! Moving on....

Project Runway....who ISN'T watching this??? Heidi is gorgeous! And let's. Not forget Tim Gunn! Woo! THAT'S HOT!!! I am so glad the dork that messed up 3 projects in a row is finally gone. Took him long enough. The team challenge was so very entertaining. The fights, the sass and the supurb outfits in the end! I am not sure who is my fav yet but I will probably know by tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

Last for those of you following along....Big Brother 11. Kevin, Natalie and Jordan. Who's gonna win it all kids? I know who I want, but is that the same as what is really gonna happen? Lemme just say go Kevin!

Looking forward to the good old stand bys and some new ones. Ugly Betty, House, Castle.....maybe Reaper *fingers crossed*, and Breaking Bad. Talking to you all soon!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brooks family photo

Today we are having family Saturday. I know I missed it yesterday. We were spending time with family yesterday saying "See you later" to Ben, Rach and the kids. They are going back home to the jungles of Indonesia to do their mission work. Today we will be sharing the Brooks family photos! And look...There we all are!
This is Chris with his brother Ben and his sister Erin. Wow. To me I dont think any of them look alike, but then again, I cant see the resembalance in my family either. Maybe it is just me.

A funny shot of the kids with mom....looks like mom was saying something. LOL

And of is me and Chris. Not sure if I am fond of the hair done with the straightener. I will think about it some more.

Font sizeFinally...this was a break between pictures when they told us all to make funny faces. Of course they gave it to us. LOL Thanks Mike! :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wild Card Wednesday

I missed TV Tuesday. That is OK...Wild Card Wednesday can make up for it cause it is MY choice! If you know know I LOVE TV!!! Reality TV is my very favorite. Since it is summer time I am watching all those summer time replacements. I am waiting for the good old stand-bys to come back for fall seasons like House, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, (crossing my fingers for) Reaper, Ugly Betty and a few others.
But right now Angie is neck deep into the horrible of the horrible of the reality TV shows. Some of which I am kinda embarrassed to mention. First I will mention my favorite. Have you seen Big Brother on CBS? They all get locked in a house, no contact with the outside and are watched like lab rats, and get voted out one by one. Last one standing gets 500 thousand dollars. I think it is the voyeur in me that loves this show.
Now I have been watching some really good ones on A&E that are informative and provocative at the same time and really emotionally gripping. The first is Intervention. Take a druggie, make him think he is making a documentary about drugs, get him high and do stupid shit on camera, make his family cry about the stupid stuff he has done, then make him go to an intervention and agree to go to treatment. Play sappy music when they show how good (or bad) he has done with his life. Show #2...Obsessed. All about these people with different kinds of OCD and they show how they obsess about different things and how they have anxiety about it, what they do to get over it and show them while they go through 3 months of treatment. Here is the kicker....sappy music at the end while it shows how well (or not well) they did at the end. I liked this one, it showed so many people from so many walks of life with so many spectrum of the problems. Show #3 Hoarders just came on. This show is about...well hoarding and the issues (mentally, physically and damaging to your home) it can cause. The people are usually faced with eviction, condemning from the city or one lady couldn't bring her husband home until she cleaned up. They have a team that can help them in 2 days....if they let them. Some are sad, some are disgusting, some you just want to ring around the neck and say "Let them help you!" It is interesting!
Then you also have those shows that you are completely unable to tell anyone you watch like, Dating in the Dark, Dance Your Ass Off, 18 kids and Counting, Megan Wanted a Millionaire Before He Killed a Hooker, Charm School, Toddlers and Tiaras, Wipeout, Tori and Dean, Daisy of Love, Tool Academy, and any other E! True Hollywood story and other wretched shows like that.
I apologize for any of these offensive shows and hopefully with fall season here and the help of Bill Frost from the City Weekly....maybe we can all watch something fun together......

Or better yet, step away from the TV and start a book club. What a novel *hee hee* idea.

Monday, August 31, 2009

What happens when a root canal doesnt work?

Ask me...I know! LOL

So I went to a specialist today that let me knows what happens. I was afraid he was going to tell me, "Sorry chick, we are going to remove your tooth, you are going to put it under your pillow and hope the tooth fairy comes." Boy, was I wrong. When a root canal fails (and who knew they could) I guess they have a couple of options beside taking the tooth. They can redo the root canal OR do an even more invasive procedure. Since I have, what the specialist said was "Arthritic looking grandma roots" he wants to do an apicoectomy on me. Which is basically taking a flap of my gums up around my tooth and taking the part of my root that is infected or troublesome out. This website explains it better than I do. Dont worry no graphic pictures or anything.
So, that is what I am going to do in a couple of Thursdays. Frankly my dear, I am not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to being out of pain in my mouth and KEEPING my tooth!

P.S. Thanks dental insurance.

P.P.S. Next Monday I will tell you more about what is going on with my general health and my back, etc.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sharing is caring....

Or thats what they told us right? LOL Well, today is my general sharing day and since I haven't felt well all day I think I will just share what a fun weekend I had. Saturday I got up and went to my nieces soccer game. She is part of the Blue Dolphins. It is sooo much fun to watch 6 year olds run and play and kick each other (accidentally of course) and just have so much fun. From there I went to buy a new outfit cause the plan was to have family pictures. I bought my first new pair of shorts in*thinking* 10 years. I was super excited! I thought I looked cute flabby thighs and all. Not to mention $10 at Lane Bryant. :-) I was going to go to Old Navy, but for some reason they only carry fat people clothes online and if you are gonna discriminate against my people, I wont shop with you. Screw you Old Navy! Then back to home. For a while it was pictures were on, pictures were off. You know how families can change thier minds sometimes. Well, 3pm came and pictures were on. I got dressed in my cute outfit and away we went. I will post one when I get them. It was a friend of my sis-in-law that did them, and I guess he likes to make sure they look just right. I hope he photoshops about 100 pounds off me. WOOT! :-) Then dropped Hubby off at his geek party and the girls night began!
I picked up a friend I hadn't seen in AGES! My high school friend Nicki and I went to Chili's to catch up and talk (and talk and talk and talk) before we met up with everyone else. Holy canoli batman! It was sooo fun! We chatted just like it was yesterday and no time had passed. Then we met up with Margie and Naked Jen, went to Blue Plate and to the drag show at Club Edge. And there we were seeing yet another friend of mine I hadn't seen in 100 years. This time I didnt recognize him as fast. Jesse was Jessica Christine and man was he gorgeous!!!! We went for Drag Idol round 1. I was disappointed in the lack of a drag show, but I had so much fun catching up with old friends and new ones at that.
New meeting the old sometimes can be a great thing and I hope it lasts. Laughter is a great medicine, especially for me at this time and it was something that was truly needed. Thanks for sharing it with me girls. When I get pics from Naked Jen I will surely post them!

Changes are coming....

I have decided to go with a theme....A daily theme to get me to post (hopefully, cross your fingers) daily! Here is the tentative schedule.

Sunday - Sharing (just general Sharing)
Monday - Medical (Me and what is going on in my medical drama)
Tuesday - TV (I love TV and I love chatting about whats on it!)
Wednesday - Wild Card (I'll pick a topic or you can suggest one!)
Thursday - Think Back (Remember when?....)
Friday - Family (just family stuff, pics, stories etc.)
Saturday - Suggestion (a fun, helpful, silly suggestion from me!)

What do you guys think? Will it work? I am willing to try and actually kinda excited about it. I got the schedule idea from a couple of other blogs I read so thanks Jenny and Melvin! I am stoked to get started today!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I know, I promised.

I know I was supposed to update after I went on vacation to Yellowstone with the Brooks, but I slacked off and posted some of my cute pictures on facebook instead. I didnt write down my stories or my memories, but I sure did have a good time, I promise. Here are some pictures to prove it.
Liz, Sam, Ryan and Emmilee posing on the beach of Cliff Lake.

Hubby relaxing at the Old Faithful Inn looking super handsome!

Parts of the family. Aunt Becky, Grandma Jo, Erin, and me and Hubby.
And those are just a couple of the highlights. Yes, we did see some of the very cool sites of Yellowstone. Old Faithful, the Inn, the mud pots, Quake Lake and the ghost cabins, West Yellowstone, and even a bit of wildlife. Thanks Brooks for a fun time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wow....I took a long time.

Did I really just take a month and a week between posts???? Huddo!

It is really time to get back to bloggin!

So....I decided since we are going on vacation in about a week, it was time to get back to blogging. Chris is leaving on Friday and I will catch up with him after that. We are headed to Yellowstone. I have never been there and what better time to start blogging again then a family vacation! WOO!!!! Vacations are super fun to blog about and blog while you are on....I think so anyways. Especially when there are pictures involved.

Other things that have happened....Erin and the girls (the cute ones pictured below) came back to Utah to live! WOOT!!!

This is Liz, she is 8.

This is Emmilee, she is 6.

And this is spoiled rotten by Uncle Chris. I mean Elaina. She is 4.

Me and hubby have had fun having them back. Erin and the kids come visit often and the kids have even spent the night! Me and Chris didn't sleep a wink. We were too busy worrying about them. Are they too cold, do they need to go to the bathroom, are the cats bugging them, should we check on them. They slept the whole night long! We had nothing to worry about.

My health has been getting better. I have been seeing the pain management clinic and they have been helping me a lot. I have also been losing some weight. *whisper* I weigh less than what my drivers license says. I am working on feeling even better. :-)

Moar good news!!!! These kids are coming home for a month long visit!!!! HURRAY!!!!! A month won't be long enough but we take whatever we can get.

This is Lydia, she is 7.

And this is Noah and he is almost 4. I will be back soon with more updates about other things and hopefully more random things. :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

How long since I have really posted?

I have this new friend at work....her name is Naked Jen. She is super awesome I might add. She has inspired me to come back and blog by just posting this article in the NY Times. It just got me thinking....Why did I not write in my blog for how many months? Why have I only posted silly little things in how long? I know not many people follow me and not many people ever will. This isn't the point. This blog is for me. So here is my re-dedication to my blog. Blogosphere....I'm back. To post stories and pictures and life in general. I like doing is therapeutic. Now I should probably get on with my days chores.....or not.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Promise of a new day.

I know I have been promised new days before....but I think today might be my new day. I finally made it through the evalutations at the pain management clinic. I had to see all three doctors in order to get in to see them. I had to see the doctor, the physical therapist and the shrink. They made an initial evaluation and now I am back to see what they want to do with me. I know they physical therapist wants to see me once a week for 2 months. What the rest of them want...not sure yet. So hear, my friends, is to the first day of my life of living pain free. To being able to go to the grocery store on my own. To being able to go to the mall with the girls and not have to sit down every 10 mins. To being able to participate in life to the fullest. To being the greatest wife my husband deserves. Lets hope it lives up to all my expectations.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Angie accident......

No not another one. :-) Just one I saw at the store. This is an Angie Accident waiting to happen if I ever saw one!

Cat picture of the day.

This is Gracie. She is my rarely seen cat. She likes my brother and sis-in-law and of course me and hubby, but that is about it. Obviously you can see she gets upset at me when I spend too long on the puter and not paying attention to her. It was WAY past what we call "Gracie Gracie Time" at hour house and this is her way of telling me.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busted fingers and conflicting doctors

Yes, I broke my finger. No, I wasn't put in a medieval torture device by my boss like I sometimes tell people. Although, its fun to say. On March 12th....just a few days after I fell down the stairs in my house and the day after my 29th birthday, I got called into my managers office to chat. Well, I scooted the chair too hard and too fast and smooshed it between the arm of the chair and a metal part of her desk and it broke. My finger, not her desk. :-) It had this nice straight cut on it and it bled while we were talking. I think I even almost swore when I did hurt that bad. I wasn't going to have it checked and when Chris saw it he let me know how we were spending our evening. We went down and got it x-rayed and they splinted me up and told me it was broken...small but still broken. Saturday I was having some burning in the bottom of my finger and I kept taking the splint off so I went back to the same clinic, but saw a different doctor. He is an ortho doctor (ortho doctor douche bag if you ask me) and x-rayed it again and told me that the burning is from the bruising that is happening in the muscles and its not really broken, just buddy tape it and you will be fine. For workers comp injuries, I am supposed to have follow up I go to mine on the week following the initial injury. Dr. DB isn't there and I see the doctor I saw the first time and she tells me it is broken and splints it back up and I will be wearing the splint for 2-3 weeks. Fast forward one week. This past Thursday I go in to get it re-checked again to see if I am doing any better. No. I still have a marshmallow finger, it still hurts and I am getting sick of this. The doctor who has been seeing me since the beginning says maybe there is an infection in there and we will give you a shot of antibiotics in your bum and come back for another tomorrow night....oh and here are some to go. Friday night we go in and the wait is just too long and we decide to come in Saturday morning instead. That brings us to today. Dr. DB is there today. He wants to do more x-rays and not follow what is written on the plan...after all he is the ortho doctor who knows all! Do more x-rays and they show my bone is healing. HURRAY! He does not follow her orders though. He takes me out of my splint and no shot of antibiotics in the bum and tells me to go get hand therapy. I got upset and asked him why he wasn't just going with her orders. He got all defensive about how he is an ortho guy and he does this for a living and sees this all the time. He told me what he wanted me to do....I told him I would make a decision of what I wanted to do next week. Since I have proof that my finger is healed, I might just have to go the route of splint off, rehab my own damned finger and if it gets any worse I will go see my own doctor from now on.

On a happy side note, I got into the pain management clinic this past Tuesday....saw all 3 doctors that you need to see for them to make an assessment on you and we will hopefully know something next Tuesday or Wednesday about how they can help improve my quality of life. *listening to the angels sing* They were so nice and helpful and even the psychotherapist guy told me I wasn't crazy! BONUS!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I miss them!

These two cuties are Lydia and Noah. The cutest couple of relatives a girl could ask for. They live far far away too. Their mom and dad decided to go on a Christian mission and build homes for 2000 children out in the jungle. It is so beautiful out there, though I have never seen it. They are doing so much wonderful work. I just wish they could do wonderful work close to home. :-) They are well rounded kids who are so worldly and kind and wise. You would never think they were 7 and 4. They are amazing and amaze me everyday. Lydia would ask me while they were on furlough why I had fake finger nails and when I was going to take them off. I told her they make me feel pretty. She would tell me I didn't need them to make me feel pretty, I already was. I almost was disappointed in myself when I put them back on this February. They didn't stay on for long. Lydia got in my head, even if she didn't know it. We were able to spend about 6 or 7 months with them last year when they came home for an extended visit. We would spend Monday nights together and just getting to know each other again. It was amazing. I long for those times again. They are such a giving family who gives their whole life....I am truly amazed by them. Well, I better write to them since Skype isn't working so well for us tonight. I did get to hear Rachel and Lydia's voices for about 90 seconds. :-) I will write about my not so important broken finger tomorrow night.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Picture time!

Sorry, none of my injuries...these are of some fun stuff. First one...My favorite Chub Chub kitty.

These are my crafts. They are bottle caps with little pictures in them. These ones are my favs.

Maybe 30 will treat me better.

You know how I told you all I fell down the stairs last Sunday and messed some stuff up, right? Well, then I had a birthday....numero 29. No, not an anniversary of 29 just really 29. It was rough because I came home early that day and my ankle was really swollen. I had my desk decorated by the cute girls at work and Niki took me to an awesome lunch at Chili's and gave me a Tori mixed cd and a towel she cross stitched for me that says "WTF?" on it in bright colors. That part was good. Then I spent the rest of the day in bed pouting because I had a kankle and I had to keep ice on it and dinner was kraft mac and cheese. I got over it.
Thursday...I was starting to feel better. I ditched the knee brace and was walking better. HURRAY! I "accidentally" left my sling at home. Oopsie. That one I really shouldn't have done. My elbow is killing me. I made it to work all day. Good for me. Well, around 4pm I got called into the managers office. Nothing big promise. I get in there and start scooting my chair in and I scoot it so far I squish my finger between the arm of her chair and a metal part of her desk. I squish it so hard and so fast, it starts to bleed. It is hideous. My eyes well up and I start to swear. We have our chat, I leave the room and my finger starts to swell. I just keep thinking, "I am not going to get this checked out, I dont need one more stinking brace on any part of my body." I finish work and Chris picks me up. I showed him what I had done do you know what he says? "We are going to get that checked out." I got it x-rayed and looked at and pulled on and splinted. The doc thought she saw a fracture in my knuckle. Boy was I pissed off. All I could do was laugh. Today I had to go back because while having the splint on, my finger would start to burn. In the middle of the night I took off my splint and lost it in the bed. The nice doc I saw today was some kind of ortho specialist moonlighting at the urgent care clinic...hurray for me! He re-did the x-rays, said it is not broken and told me why it burned so bad. It burns because when you have a muscle that is bruised that badly, it bleeds. The muscle doesnt like blood in it so gravity takes it away and naturally goes to the end of your finger. This blood starts out as red and eventually will turn into a bruise. Gross huh???? Now, I just have to buddy splint it for a week and get it checked out next Saturday due to it being workers comp. And Monday I get rechecked for my fall from the stairs to see if I can ditch the arm brace or not. I guess we will see if I can have a 29th birthday redo. Here's to hoping!!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crafty friend givin stuff away!

Niki (my cute awesome friend) from Wrapped in Ivy introduces me to this super awesome gal named Bekah from Spell It Out Designs I am totally digging on the girl bloggers! Love my girl bloggers. Anyway, that is not the point. Bekah is sooo super crafty that she is giving away a chalkboard from her kids line. If you would like to be entered in the contest just go over to this link... Spell It Out Designs - Chalkboard Giveaway and leave a comment for her and she will enter you in. She also has 2 (count them 2!) Etsy stores where she sells one for chalkboards, kids kinds and also very elegant ones. The other is for felt non scratchy phone, ipod, camera covers. All hand stitched and very creative and GIRLY!!! Gotta love the girly. So here you go shop away and show your support for handmand products! Here is NeedlePinProductions for all your soft coverage needs. And here is Spell It Out Designs for all your chalkboardy needs. :-) Shop now people!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Henna, fun and fall down go boom!

You know, we had a mostly good weekend. Saturday I felt good enough to work for a half day. How super cool is that? Then we got it all coordinated to get together with Mikey (my ex-boyfriend, but still awesome friend from high school), his husband Derek, and Angela and Travis. Funny thing is...Angela and Mikey work together! They are great buds too. We had a great time. Played Apples to Apples, got some henna done and did a lot lot lot of laughing. Here is my henna by the way!

Sorry it is upside down. That is the only way I can take pictures of my own hands and I forgot to flip it. And yes that is a kitty in the middle there. :-) In the middle of chatting and henna, Hubby decides he needs to henna himself on his knuckles. He spells out hate on his knucks like some prison tattoo. Blame it on the booze. It was still fun!

Sunday didn't turn out so well though. I got up around 9 or 10 or I am not really sure cause of the time change, but was walking down the stairs and my foot hit the edge of the stair and I slid and tumbled down. Landed myself right there on my butt by the fridge. Poor hubby jumped outta bed and asked if I was ok. I couldnt decide if I was crying cause I was panicking or because I was hurt. Once I finally got up, I was crying cause it hurt. We went and spent about 4 hours in the ER. Nothing is broken. Just a sprained knee, wrist and elbow and lots of bruises and sore sore muscles. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. So, I am gonna go lay down and watch a movie since this has been a little painful to write. I will keep you updated though...and take pictures of pretty bruises if I get any!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

More cats in hats.

Maybe I should just start a blog about me embarassing my cat and dressing him up in rediculous clothing. I LOVE IT! He hates it and so does my husband. But let me tell you this last one was classic! Who doesnt think a cat in a Wendy's girl wig is hilarious??? Come on now. You are wondering what he looks like and how funny this is gonna be. You know you are. I can see it through the monitor. Well, here is Mushy cat in his Wendy's girl wig!

So it is kinda small...but it is also, blurry. He didn't like it, ok? We thought it was effin' funny! This next picture is even better...this one we call pissed off cat in a Wendy's girl wig....roflmao!

"Mom I am done with this shiz....take it off!" Hahahahahaha! Sorry cat. I love dressing you up. Maybe I will start a new blog about dressing cats up and other people can contribute, like Go there if you havent seen it. Its a laugh and a half! Ok bye guys!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Anyone remember Sifl and Olly????

He is so Crescent Fresh! I am Crescent Fresh for remembering them!!! Are you?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A little pick me up for my desk at work!

I guess I made a good impression on this Matt guy....cause look what he brought me! A signed photo (TO ME!) of Air Supply. I love them. I am barely old enough to know them...but my mom used to clean house to them and that is how I became to love them. Last April, I took my mom to see them in Wendover for her birthday. It was soooo super awesome cool. They came out in the audience and sang to all the screaming girls...*swoon* Matt was cool enough to bring this home to me. He took all the pictures for the concert this time they came and he did a great job. Maybe if I ask real nice I can post a couple here.

Also, here is my kitty picture of the day. I just like it because it is bright, sunny and makes the kitty fur look really pretty. I wish I had a cool camera like Niki or Matt but I am not as cool as them yet. This was taken again with my G1 when I was home sick. Love the Inka Stinka and the Mushy. :-) The kitties and hubby take good care of me when I dont feel well.

Monday, March 2, 2009

*sigh* I am having trouble

First let me list the things I know. I am know I am in a lot of pain and I a cant sleep. I know I have cried on a cat. I know I can hear Chris in there sleeping away and he deserves it. He puts up with a lot. What I dont understand is why I want to go to sleep and my leg, hip, arm, shin anything that can will hurt and hurt so bad I cry. I came in the computer room just so I wouldnt wake Chris. The one time I want someone to talk one is awake. Lucky them they are all sleeping. Damn it. I am crying again. I want the pain to go away, I want to be able to walk in the mall like a normal person. I want to not be up all hours of the night NOT crying in the computer room. I want to go back to work and have the same position I did when I left. Want want want. I think I will just go try to something funny until I can get into the doctor tomorrow. Here is a little funny for you guys too....cause I'm not crying. Its just been raining on my face.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

It is 5am on Saturday morning.

And I cant sleep. What am I doing you ask? I am playing with beads. I am working on some lanyards for my sister-in-laws site I am hoping she likes them. Maybe she won't cause they were made at 4 effing o'clock in the morning. I wouldn't blame her. Who crafts at this time of the day? Oh yeah....ME! I am not totally sure why I cant sleep. I have taken my meds. I should be tired but my mind is racing. I think it is time I put my project away, give my poor granny hip a rest for the night and go to sleep. Good lord. Lets go watch a movie or something. *sigh* Honest opinion though people...if this were longer could it be a nice looking lanyard or does it need something? More something, less something? Is it just plain ugly? I can take it. I need to hear it...this is going out to the public for sale.

Thanks for your is really appreciated. REAL honesty is appreciated. :-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another cutie to add to my list

This is our new friend Matt's son Nick. I just thought it was a funny, cute, silly picture. I love pictures of kids. They are so innocent and funny. Thanks for letting me show off your cute son Matt. He is a doll! By the way....what do you think he is thinking with that look on his face?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you do lent?

I know I am not the most religious person you know, but I like to participate in lent. Every year I try to figure out what it is I most enjoy and embark on giving it up for 40 days and 40 nights. This year it is my beloved white cholcolate that I just discovered this past christmas. In one week, I consumed 6 Lindor White Cholcolate bars in one week. This is how hooked I am. So goodbye white chocolate and along with you goes soda....again. Which I have been giving up off and on for a while now. Here's to day one.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Through the holes in the laundry basket......

My cat likes to sit in the laundry basket and so I took this random photo with my phone. When it is bigger you can see his blue eyes. Maybe I will get one of my photoshoppy friends to make his eyes bluer. :-) Anyway....odd photo of my cat Bill for the day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pay it Forward.

This is how it works..... The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a hand made gift from me during this year. When and what will be a surprise. BUT, in order for you to leave a comment on my blog, you have to post this on your blog first. (That means that sometime during this year you will send a gift to 3 people as well.) Get it? So, the first 3 people to comment on this post will be the lucky ones!

Good Luck!

I needed a positive pick-me-up this morning and I was looking at my friend Jenna's blog.... This was one of her posts and I thought it was a great and fun idea!

If I don't see you often and you are one of the first 3 to reply, please email me your address.... If I see you often, or you live close to me I can deliver it when they are done.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Its D-E-D...dead.

The G1 is officially dead. We let it sit in warm places, all taken apart and even in a bag of rice hoping to soak up all that drippy wetness it was in. No dice my friends. It was sitting in that water for way too long. Chris was nice enough to call Saturday afternoon to see if we had to pay that $130...again. Unfortunately we do. They told us that the G1s wer out of stock and didn't know when they would be in. I would be officially phoneless. Man, the way I put that it sounds worse than homeless. Hubby being the super, awesome, studly hubby he is, got my phone from another carrier unlocked and working with our current carrier! Hurray. I have a phone. Not to mention the insurance people called and let us know on Sunday and said they had a phone for me....and...and...AND its bronze!!!! I guess I came out ok on this deal after all. Now we just wait for the new G1 to arrive.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ca Ca Ca Ca....Poo Poo Poo Poo

I dont normally beleive in Friday the 13th and the hokey stuff that goes along with it, but today might be the exception. As you can see, by my last post it started out from the hubby always AWESOME! Then it just went down hill. At work we have to track every time we have a gap of 15 mins. What? 15 mins? Maybe I was pooping, or talking to a co-worker about a claim, or just talking to a co-worker. If I get my stuff done, why am I being babysat? Ok, fine. I will work on a way to get it fixed. I will get my hard working co-workers together and we will figure out a way to be trusted again!
Moving on. After work, I got tickets for Marcus for Sunday. That is the one thing we are leaving the house for this weekend. Got chinese food from the Smith's and went to get Chris from work. Smelled it all the way home. We got almost home and I noticed the flowers had tipped over and I asked hubby if there was water coming out of them. He said yes and proceeded to pick up my soaking wet, waterlogged G1. It was dripping. For some reason, my new car didn't matter at this point...just my stupid cell phone I have gotten annoyingly attached to. We get home and clean up the water and I take the chinese food out of the backseat and on the seat is BBQ sauce from the pork. Now I seem to care about the new car. I get the spot remover from upstairs and we clean it up best we can and finally make it in the house to dismantle the phone. Chris takes it apart. You know those dots that show when you have dropped it in water? Mine showed I dropped it in water. Immediately, I think of Mickel. He works at a major cell phone company and can tell me what to do. Chris also reminds me we have insured the phones. In talking to Mickel, he tells me usually there is a deductible involved when replacing a phone. Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Deductible? What is the insurance for? I look it up and my deductible is just as much as I paid for my phone! $130! I let Chris know and right now we are just waiting until tomorrow to figure it all out.

I think my lesson for today is to find the beauty and pride in non-material things and to quit getting attached to them so danged easily. *sigh* But now that it is ok to have them it is so fun. Maybe I need to go spend some time in the jungle with Ben and Rach and learn my lesson about all this.

What? Again????

What the heck did I do to deserve this??? 2 weeks in a row??? Wow!

Right now I am feeling pretty special. They came in a UPS box and I opened it in front of all who wanted to see! I dont know what it is about getting flowers, in the office, in front of the ladies. It just makes you feel good about your hubby and how sweet he truly is...even though you know he is already. So, I know my hubby is sweet when he remembers my favorite flower is tulips....but then there is this note attatched to the flowers.....

And lemme 'splain the note by posting this video from The Mighty Boosh. His name is Old Gregg and he wants to play love games with you. Just search if you are curious for more of Old Gregg and his creepiness.

Monday, February 2, 2009

7 years....REALLY????

Well, me and hubby have been married 7 years as of today. Wow. I don't think I can even believe it. When he got out of the car today, he looked at his lunch box and pulled off the binder clip and gave it to me...I was a dork and put it on my shirt. Of course it is still there. :-) But then I was surprised with this....

What??? Shut up and get right out of town! Isn't that cute of him? It even has a 7 in it! On top of that, on the card, it had lyrics from our song. No, I am not telling you what that is. What a cute hubby.....Love you, butt!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Kittens and roombas

If you haven't figured it out by now....I have an insatiable hunger for kittens, kitties...pets on roombas. Mostly just kittehs though. Not sure what it is, but it makes me laugh and I sit and watch it over and over again. This one was found on this morning by my husband before I could even get to it. He insists that he sees EVERYTHING on the internet before I do. Ladies and gentlemen...kittens on a roomba...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I now approve!

WOOTY WOOT WOOT WOOT! Yesterday I was just frustrated. My butt hurt, I was tired of arguing with people on the phone and I just wanted to go home and get in bed. When I did...I took my meds to go to sleep I couldn't go to sleep for 3 hours! I layed there in pain and just cried.

Well, today is a new day. Work went ok. My butt still hurt. In order to alieviate that, I took my happy ass on a walk out in the lovely sunshine, all alone in the middle of the day. That was nice. The snow was melting, the birds were singing and the sun was shining....and it was quiet. AND I WALKED HALF WAY AROUND THE BLOCK WITHOUT STOPPING. Sorry for the yell. That is a big achievement for a fat chick. I used to walk with friends and make them stop at this green brick wall everytime. I feel parts of me changing.
Then, it is time for my ebay auctions to end. I had decided to sell my old Nintendo DS games because I don't use them anymore. (I can't tell you why or else I would have to kill you...thanks hubby) I had put 7 of them up for $7 each with shipping, a couple of DS cases for $5 and then a couple of old school GBA games up together for $5. IF I would have sold them all it would have given me maybe $60? Right now I am up to making $90!!!! Holy canolis batman! The power of ebay is in my hands!
Maybe I should make a happy list for today. I am feeling it. I really should do it on the days I am not feeling it too...but today is a good day. :-)

1. Ebay making me lots of sweet moolah! WOOT!
2. Friends posting pictures of you in your Halloween costume. LOL
3. White chocolate. Mmmmm.
4. Walking alone in the sunshine.
5. Looking forward to fight night!
Lets do more....
6. Hiring a friend to clean your house because she says she doesn't mind and you don't mind paying her. But then you find the silly things her son did while she was cleaning and laugh your butt off.
7. A hubby to talk to on the ride home from work.
8. Friends to talk to at work.
9. Friends to talk to at home.
10. Hugh Laurie. Yum.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I disapprove!

Today I am working on my older accounts and trying to be a good worker and get them resolved. It is so hard when you get transferred to 3 or 4 different people who you have to tell your story to each time. You finally get to that one person that understands and you have wasted 45 mins on the phone when you could have been resolving so many other peoples accounts! Sometimes jobs can be so frustrating...but then at the end, so rewarding. I still, as it stands.....I disapprove. Just as much as this grumpy little rabbit guy. HARUMPH!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The T-Mobile G1 rocks socks!!!

Hubby finally broke down and bought new phones. I was getting really sick of restarting my windows phone anytime I wanted to do something. I am a happy girl because I am blogging from my g1, in bed, with cats at 1:45am. I am gonna go finish watching Sober House. Night!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cats in toe socks

So, this is what I was telling you all about. Travis' girlfriend Angela made these cute cats in toe socks for me!!! I keep them at my desk at work since this is where I am most of the time. They can give me a little happy while I am here. Who knew that cats in toe socks could be so stinking cute?!?!?! I dont know what else to write about. We did a whole lot of nothing this long weekend. I didnt even get dressed once. It was kinda nice. We played with our new google phones. Awesome phone let me tell you. No restarting or issues with having a windows phone anymore! I love it. Well, back to work.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

5 quick good things...

I am gonna do this fast because if I dont I will just go to five things for the day.

1. Hearing from a friend you haven't seen or heard from in years! That warms the heart right there and should be worth 3 out of the 5.
2. Washing my new 2009 cranberry red Scion xB. Love the car wash!
3. I love opening mail...good, bad, stupid. I love it. Mail rocks. We should sent more snail mail to each other.
4. Hubby lookin' handsome in some well deserved glasses.
5. Terry's White Chocolate Oranges. Need I say more?

I will update soon...promise.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today is just Meh.

Even though I am having a "Meh" day I am going to do my 5 things. It is gonna be a rough one for me to get through let me tell you. Today I am thankful for....
1. Having a stable job that keeps me even though sometimes I'm not.
2. Noise blocking headphones.
3. Benadryl
4. Bright pink sharpees
5. Kitties that were made for me with toe socks on!!!

I will post a picture later. Angela (my friend Travis' awesome girlfriend) made them and gave them to me. How could you not love the 2 most bestest things in the world. They are put together! WOOT! We had a good time having a belated New Years party on Saturday at Travis'. I had a little too much to drink at the beginning of the night and fell on the couch. No one had really seen me drink and I was having a great time. Well, I am going home now....hopefully to watch American Idol. I know, I am a geek.

P.S. I am finally getting a new phone so I can throw my windows based phone out the window of the car on the freeway!!!! Hurray!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stealing posts from friends.

I love love love reading my friends blogs. Well, make that friends and strangers. Peeking into their lives and seeing what they are upto and what fun things they have been doing. I have a great friend Niki who blogs often about funny and inspirational things. Recently she even started a craft blog. I am so in awe of her. Even with suffering from an illness and a hubby with a bum leg she is so upbeat and has the best attitude. On top of that she always has great advice for all of her friends who need her. Back to what I was trying to say. I found something I would like to try. On her site, I found a great thing we all should try. I think I am going to do it at least once a week. It says 365...but I get busy and don't blog weekly is a good goal. So lets give it a try. 5 things that have graced my life today or at anytime in my life. What can we come up with.

1. Great company at dinner...even at a horrible resturaunt.
2. Fuzzy pj pants to keep my leggies warm.
3. Talking to an old friend and picking things up like you never left them off.
4. Getting $5 in the mail to take a survey because I love taking surveys!
5. Pets who greet you at the door.

That is my five for the day. I hope I did it right. :-) Conclusion to the whole court ordeal. I was supposed to be in court yesterday. Yes, I screwed up, can't read and was supposed to be there yesterday at 10:30. I went to the lady almost in tears, asking what I could do. She said there was a warrant out for my arrest already and I could come back to court next week. I didn't feel like going through all that stress again, weighed my options there and sucked it up. I paid the ticket. The city of Murray got my money. I hope it fills a pot hole or two. *sigh* I am such a push over. Oh well. Life goes on. Good night.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm skeerd!!!!

Tomorrow is my day in court. I wrecked our car back on October 22nd. Ok, so I rear-ended some lady. I was on I-15 and people were slowing, so I slowed. Then people stopped so I stopped into the back end of her. Not on purpose of course. I was paying complete attention. It was an accident. I wasn't looking at the Humane Society sign or anything like some people think. Traffic just slowed too fast and my car didn't slow quick enough. Sorry, old cars don't have ABS. Cops come, we do the paperwork, yadda yadda yadda....I get a ticket for speeding. MEH! This is what happened to my car.....

Busted up radiator, bumper, not to mention look what I did to the hood. Whoa buddy! We ended up getting a cute new cranberry red Scion out of the deal. Yes, thanks for asking...I love it! I wash it all the time. So much so, that my little brother and his cute wife bought me this Armoral car washing kit and a shammy! But all of that is way off topic. I have to go see the judge tomorrow because I decided to fight the speeding ticket. I didn't think I was speeding. I feel I was going with the flow of traffic and I wasn't distracted. I am now (at the 11th hour) regretting this decision. Sitting here wondering why I didn't just pay the $120 ticket, go to traffic school and call it good is really getting on my nerves. Why didn't I just suck it up, say, "Ok it was my fault" and cough up the money is beyond me. Now I have to go sit, like a nervous wreck, in a court room, in front of a scary judge hoping I don't have to pay court fees on top of a ticket and traffic school. What did I get myself into? I had someone tell me, that if I really believed it wasn't my fault, then I just had to go in and be confident about it all. I guess we will see how it all turns out tomorrow at 10am.....On Traffic Court!!!! Dun Dun Dun!!!!!