Sunday, February 13, 2011

T-minus 12 hours and counting.....

I have a job!!!!!  Super excited....but I start tomorrow.

Its just about here friends.  My first day of work in 5 months.  I happily filed my last unemployment claim...I feel good to not be using up tax payer dollars anymore.  On the other hand, I am going to miss not wearing a bra and making elaborate (for me) meals for hubby.  

I think I got some stuff accomplished.  The closet is cleaned and organized.  The bedroom is spiffed up and laundry all done.  For the most part our whole house is cleaner and more organized than it has been in years.  I tried some new things.  Read some books.  Got some crafting done.  For the most part it has been productive.
I have to say though, I am super excited to be going on to something new.  Separating from my previous job, was probably the best thing that happened to me because I was forced into the unknown.  I am now ready to be a productive, gainfully employed part of society again.  

BTW....side note.  Doctor said I lost 5 pounds from when I saw her last.  Something must be going right.  Now to try and keep up the routine while working.