Monday, August 31, 2009

What happens when a root canal doesnt work?

Ask me...I know! LOL

So I went to a specialist today that let me knows what happens. I was afraid he was going to tell me, "Sorry chick, we are going to remove your tooth, you are going to put it under your pillow and hope the tooth fairy comes." Boy, was I wrong. When a root canal fails (and who knew they could) I guess they have a couple of options beside taking the tooth. They can redo the root canal OR do an even more invasive procedure. Since I have, what the specialist said was "Arthritic looking grandma roots" he wants to do an apicoectomy on me. Which is basically taking a flap of my gums up around my tooth and taking the part of my root that is infected or troublesome out. This website explains it better than I do. Dont worry no graphic pictures or anything.
So, that is what I am going to do in a couple of Thursdays. Frankly my dear, I am not looking forward to it, but I am looking forward to being out of pain in my mouth and KEEPING my tooth!

P.S. Thanks dental insurance.

P.P.S. Next Monday I will tell you more about what is going on with my general health and my back, etc.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sharing is caring....

Or thats what they told us right? LOL Well, today is my general sharing day and since I haven't felt well all day I think I will just share what a fun weekend I had. Saturday I got up and went to my nieces soccer game. She is part of the Blue Dolphins. It is sooo much fun to watch 6 year olds run and play and kick each other (accidentally of course) and just have so much fun. From there I went to buy a new outfit cause the plan was to have family pictures. I bought my first new pair of shorts in*thinking* 10 years. I was super excited! I thought I looked cute flabby thighs and all. Not to mention $10 at Lane Bryant. :-) I was going to go to Old Navy, but for some reason they only carry fat people clothes online and if you are gonna discriminate against my people, I wont shop with you. Screw you Old Navy! Then back to home. For a while it was pictures were on, pictures were off. You know how families can change thier minds sometimes. Well, 3pm came and pictures were on. I got dressed in my cute outfit and away we went. I will post one when I get them. It was a friend of my sis-in-law that did them, and I guess he likes to make sure they look just right. I hope he photoshops about 100 pounds off me. WOOT! :-) Then dropped Hubby off at his geek party and the girls night began!
I picked up a friend I hadn't seen in AGES! My high school friend Nicki and I went to Chili's to catch up and talk (and talk and talk and talk) before we met up with everyone else. Holy canoli batman! It was sooo fun! We chatted just like it was yesterday and no time had passed. Then we met up with Margie and Naked Jen, went to Blue Plate and to the drag show at Club Edge. And there we were seeing yet another friend of mine I hadn't seen in 100 years. This time I didnt recognize him as fast. Jesse was Jessica Christine and man was he gorgeous!!!! We went for Drag Idol round 1. I was disappointed in the lack of a drag show, but I had so much fun catching up with old friends and new ones at that.
New meeting the old sometimes can be a great thing and I hope it lasts. Laughter is a great medicine, especially for me at this time and it was something that was truly needed. Thanks for sharing it with me girls. When I get pics from Naked Jen I will surely post them!

Changes are coming....

I have decided to go with a theme....A daily theme to get me to post (hopefully, cross your fingers) daily! Here is the tentative schedule.

Sunday - Sharing (just general Sharing)
Monday - Medical (Me and what is going on in my medical drama)
Tuesday - TV (I love TV and I love chatting about whats on it!)
Wednesday - Wild Card (I'll pick a topic or you can suggest one!)
Thursday - Think Back (Remember when?....)
Friday - Family (just family stuff, pics, stories etc.)
Saturday - Suggestion (a fun, helpful, silly suggestion from me!)

What do you guys think? Will it work? I am willing to try and actually kinda excited about it. I got the schedule idea from a couple of other blogs I read so thanks Jenny and Melvin! I am stoked to get started today!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I know, I promised.

I know I was supposed to update after I went on vacation to Yellowstone with the Brooks, but I slacked off and posted some of my cute pictures on facebook instead. I didnt write down my stories or my memories, but I sure did have a good time, I promise. Here are some pictures to prove it.
Liz, Sam, Ryan and Emmilee posing on the beach of Cliff Lake.

Hubby relaxing at the Old Faithful Inn looking super handsome!

Parts of the family. Aunt Becky, Grandma Jo, Erin, and me and Hubby.
And those are just a couple of the highlights. Yes, we did see some of the very cool sites of Yellowstone. Old Faithful, the Inn, the mud pots, Quake Lake and the ghost cabins, West Yellowstone, and even a bit of wildlife. Thanks Brooks for a fun time!