Sunday, September 13, 2009

At a loss of what to do.

Welcome to Sunday night Sharing. Tonight I am gonna share and then go to bed. But I am looking for advice on what to do. I have 3 family members on facebook who found me. Well, one of them is one who I haven't talked to in a number of long in fact she has not even met my husband. Me and Chris have been married 7 and a half years. This makes me sad. No one in her family made it to my wedding. We saw them quite often when I was growing up. I know there was a falling out when grandpa died between my dad and her but you know what someone still could have come to my wedding. Now I am being all wishy washy about whether or not I want to add her to facebook. I am pretty sure I am being childish.
The other 2 are my mom's brother and his wife. A couple who I have been quite close to in the past few years. I am just weary of due to the fact I dont want to get lectured on what I put on there. I want to have my freedom of speech. Maybe facebook needs to have a freedom of relatives on there. A nicely put "No thanks, Angie does not want to add you as a friend at this time, maybe reapply later" letter could go out if I chose to click the no button. I have had these 3 sitting in my in box for over a week now. Someone I didnt even know came in and asked to be my friend and right away I was like "Hey yeah sure! I dont know you and I am pretty sure you will judge me less than my family will....come on in!" The one I havent spoken to in many years will give me access to a whole side of the family I havent seen or heard from in many years and that would be absolutely amazing. Maybe I had better just suck up my facebook pride and just run with it. What do you guys think...well the 2 or 3 of you that do read this?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going back in time...

Since this is supposed to be Thursday Throwback, I thought I would actually keep up with my word. This is a toss back to my high school days. I dont remember what year this was taken in, but this is of me and my BFF (still to this day) at Sears. His mom took us and we got these super corny shots of us together. We got separated after we went to Joel P. Jensen Middle school. One of us had to go to Copper Hills High and the other to West Jordan and we were pretty much devastated. So, down to the local Sears we went to get super cheesy photos, by an equally young photographer. We probably spent about $100 of Mickels moms money but we had good time laughing and goofing off. Mickel thinks my mom gave him that hair cut. I am hoping that my mom didnt do something that awful like a bowl cut to him. That is just hideous! Poor Mickel. My mom did cut a lot of my guy friends hair. I think she still have my one friend Dave's long ponytail. My mom is a good saver of things. If you ever think you might have lost something from when you were a kid, nah...just ask my mom.

On a side note, I went in for my dental surgery today. It was kinda awful, but as long as I keep up on my pain meds and dont try and eat too much I am ok. There are a few stitches in my mouth and they get in the way of food and important things like that. Before I even sat up out of the chair, I had a bruise forming on my face. How cool do you have to be to get a bruise going right away? I rock the casbah! Not sure if I will feel up to partying much tomorrow night, if at all. I kinda feel like hubby is wanting me to be his DD, but sometimes you just have to let someone with stitches in their face heal. I have chosen to sleep on the couch tonight due to the fact they asked me to sleep elevated and I snore. Hubby has to work tomorrow. I will cut him a break there. Well, I am gonna go watch a movie and hope for a little shut eye. Maybe have one of those tasty Creamies hubby bought me. :-) Hurray! Maybe I will see you for family friday unless I think of another topic. Bye!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TV Wednesday.....

hello everyone. this post looks a little wonky because it is being made from my phone from my bed....woohoo. with might i say very little punctuation due to the fact my phone goes silly everytime i try to use it. Tomorrow I go in for my failed root canal surgery. I don't feel prepared. I haven't cooked, cleaned, or done anything in which one might do before a surgery. Now I feel unprepared. What do you do at hour 19? Oh well right??

Let's talk TV! Anyone watching the new season of Americas Next Top Model yet? I know it just debuted tonght but I adore this show and all the drama that goes with it. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! If you have it tivoed....pass this next little bit. Didn't you think the bald chick should have been tossed right off the building for bitching nd whining just about her eyebrows and make up??? Hullow! That's just me. And what do we think of Tyras dark hair? I personally love it! It is sassy! Loved that on her show she took out her weave! Moving on....

Project Runway....who ISN'T watching this??? Heidi is gorgeous! And let's. Not forget Tim Gunn! Woo! THAT'S HOT!!! I am so glad the dork that messed up 3 projects in a row is finally gone. Took him long enough. The team challenge was so very entertaining. The fights, the sass and the supurb outfits in the end! I am not sure who is my fav yet but I will probably know by tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

Last for those of you following along....Big Brother 11. Kevin, Natalie and Jordan. Who's gonna win it all kids? I know who I want, but is that the same as what is really gonna happen? Lemme just say go Kevin!

Looking forward to the good old stand bys and some new ones. Ugly Betty, House, Castle.....maybe Reaper *fingers crossed*, and Breaking Bad. Talking to you all soon!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brooks family photo

Today we are having family Saturday. I know I missed it yesterday. We were spending time with family yesterday saying "See you later" to Ben, Rach and the kids. They are going back home to the jungles of Indonesia to do their mission work. Today we will be sharing the Brooks family photos! And look...There we all are!
This is Chris with his brother Ben and his sister Erin. Wow. To me I dont think any of them look alike, but then again, I cant see the resembalance in my family either. Maybe it is just me.

A funny shot of the kids with mom....looks like mom was saying something. LOL

And of is me and Chris. Not sure if I am fond of the hair done with the straightener. I will think about it some more.

Font sizeFinally...this was a break between pictures when they told us all to make funny faces. Of course they gave it to us. LOL Thanks Mike! :-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wild Card Wednesday

I missed TV Tuesday. That is OK...Wild Card Wednesday can make up for it cause it is MY choice! If you know know I LOVE TV!!! Reality TV is my very favorite. Since it is summer time I am watching all those summer time replacements. I am waiting for the good old stand-bys to come back for fall seasons like House, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, (crossing my fingers for) Reaper, Ugly Betty and a few others.
But right now Angie is neck deep into the horrible of the horrible of the reality TV shows. Some of which I am kinda embarrassed to mention. First I will mention my favorite. Have you seen Big Brother on CBS? They all get locked in a house, no contact with the outside and are watched like lab rats, and get voted out one by one. Last one standing gets 500 thousand dollars. I think it is the voyeur in me that loves this show.
Now I have been watching some really good ones on A&E that are informative and provocative at the same time and really emotionally gripping. The first is Intervention. Take a druggie, make him think he is making a documentary about drugs, get him high and do stupid shit on camera, make his family cry about the stupid stuff he has done, then make him go to an intervention and agree to go to treatment. Play sappy music when they show how good (or bad) he has done with his life. Show #2...Obsessed. All about these people with different kinds of OCD and they show how they obsess about different things and how they have anxiety about it, what they do to get over it and show them while they go through 3 months of treatment. Here is the kicker....sappy music at the end while it shows how well (or not well) they did at the end. I liked this one, it showed so many people from so many walks of life with so many spectrum of the problems. Show #3 Hoarders just came on. This show is about...well hoarding and the issues (mentally, physically and damaging to your home) it can cause. The people are usually faced with eviction, condemning from the city or one lady couldn't bring her husband home until she cleaned up. They have a team that can help them in 2 days....if they let them. Some are sad, some are disgusting, some you just want to ring around the neck and say "Let them help you!" It is interesting!
Then you also have those shows that you are completely unable to tell anyone you watch like, Dating in the Dark, Dance Your Ass Off, 18 kids and Counting, Megan Wanted a Millionaire Before He Killed a Hooker, Charm School, Toddlers and Tiaras, Wipeout, Tori and Dean, Daisy of Love, Tool Academy, and any other E! True Hollywood story and other wretched shows like that.
I apologize for any of these offensive shows and hopefully with fall season here and the help of Bill Frost from the City Weekly....maybe we can all watch something fun together......

Or better yet, step away from the TV and start a book club. What a novel *hee hee* idea.