Monday, December 14, 2009

1/4/10....the big day

So I know I have talked about having health issues on here before. I am hoping to be remedying some of them on January 4th, 2010. I am going in to have my tethered cord....well, untethered. Frankly, I am pretty excited. I am nervous of course, but mostly excited at the possibilities it brings. I will try and keep a good blog of what goes on and how I am doing but no guarantees ok? Then again, I might need something to do in the hospital. :-)

If you aren't too grossed out by hospital procedures, check this out. This is what will be happening to me on surgery day. I chose to post the link in case there are some squeamish people out there. I will try and post again after my pre-op appointment on Thursday. That day i should get a lot of questions answered.

Also, things around our house have been a lot different without Inka around. Mushy has been a lot more vocal. As hubby put it, he thinks that Tweedle Dumb finally realized he lost his Tweedle Dee. Gracie has come back to the bed. I think she understands who is head woman now....or again. And Bill has just been really vulgar and doing icky things to his sister that fixed cats should not be doing to his sister. What do you do?

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