Sunday, May 23, 2010 my mind.....

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what is important in my life, how I can make it better and how to purge the things that pull me down.  It really came to the front of my mind after watching what an effect a pet has on your life.  This made me want to write and express my gratitude to my cat Marshmellow. 
That Friday in December I may not have exactly known what I was going to endure or what the outcome was but I had a significant support system around me.  One of which I didnt even acknowledge until today.  Sometimes it takes a weepy show on PBS for me to remember.
I got lucky after surgery and my mom allowed me to stay with her at her home.  All one level, hospital bed, raised toilet seat, shower chair.  All of this left over when my grandma and great grandma passed away.  The first night home was the most pain filled and sleepless.  I tried but I grunted and groaned and got through it.  The next day, with my moms permission, Hubby brought Mushy.  I was extatic to have something so familiar from my own home that I can love and hug and call him kitteh. 

During the next few days he would follow me from room to room, sit on my lap as well as jumping on my mom to show her it was ok to hug him too.  At night he would follow me to my room, jump on the bed, and just watch as I played on the computer or struggled with pain he was right by my side.  He probably kept my need for pain meds way down.   We snuggled on pillows and shared the same blankets and probably talked more than we should have.  He is a very good cat, an amazing listener.
I also know that at my house our cats recognize different emotions.  Gracie is our emotional cat.  She comes around when you are sad or lonely.  She needs a doctorate in psychology because she knows it.  Bill is just a cat who wants your attention.  He would prefer if there was no break it but if he could just sit on your belly and purr at you, he would be content.  Marshmellow knows when I am hurting physically.  I have had times where he will come for a visit and he will sit on the part of me that is hurting.  Marshmellow's physical intuition is amazing.   I know the dog people are gonna rant and rave about how their pet is better.  Well, your pet is good for 3 cats are perfect for me. 

Thanks for the comfort, friendship and just warmth in general you gave me during my healing process....I dont think I could have healed as well as I did, going back to work when I did, without you,  Thank you for being such a wonderful purring companion.  We love you Mush.

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