Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foster kittens and unemployment....

Wow...its been a while since I posted.  Some things happened.  What should I start with? 

Oh I know!  I have had 2 more surgeries one left me with some pretty cool scars.  That was the gallbladder removal.  I did that on July 13th.  Then on the Sunday right after I got a fever and was wearing a sweat shirt/sweat pants and hiding under all the blankets cause I was shivering to death.  Hmmm....wonder if I had an infection.  Went to the ER and found out I sure did.  I had to have my belly button opened up far enough that they could clean out the infection.  I can't even tell you what it smelled like.  All I knew is I stunk, it was getting worse and Hubby now had to put packing in the hole so it would heal from the inside out.  Back in to visit with the surgeon who did it and he opened up more!  I smelled worse!  Eventually after almost a month of packing it 2 times a day, we didnt have to anymore.  I dont know how hubby did it 2 times a day at the beginning because I would scream and cry and require a sock in my mouth not to yell enough for the neighbors to hear.  Finally it healed....went back to work.

End of August comes and I wake up one night and go into the restroom and I can't pee.  I woke up hubby and told him I couldn't pee and my back hurt.  We run into the ER and they hook me up to a catheter and take me to the CT.  I was in a lot of pain and the meds they had me on werent helping.  Found out I had a stone that was in my ureter.  I opted to be admitted and pass it on my own because I didnt need anymore unneccessary surgeries.  I waited and waited and finally about 36 hours of trying and pushing the pain pump button I had enough.  I had surgery to get the stone out and put a straw like thing in my pee hole. 

It was so painful I cant even tell you.  I rest at home a couple of days cause peeing was a joke and go back to work.  ***most of the details will be left out of this next part for internet purposes***  I made it for a half of a day.  After this me and hubby had to go to the airport to fly to Rhode Island for his sisters wedding.  We made it!  And lemme tell you those potties are not made for anyone but people 10 pounds under their weight limit.  We had a great time with neices and family.  The wedding was beautiful and amazing!  Then I had to fly home on Monday (Labor Day).  This is how the bride and groom rode back from the beach to the house....

Well, that brings me to almost to current.  I saw a post on FB asking if someone was able to transport some kitties from the shelter to SL Spay and Neuter then on to Super Adoption.  I wasn't doing anything and I offered!  Well, taking 5 kittens and 2 adults was a lot but I could do it.  Load them all into the building and we find out 1 adult is fixed and the 5 kittens are severely under weight.  To be fixed they needed to be 2 pounds....none of them were.  The adults made it to Super Adoption.  The kittens ended up at my house.  Hubby wasn't home so they were keeping me perfect company.  The company I worked for and I separated ways and this was the perfect way for me to keep busy and sane....
Unfortunately, about a week and a half we lost the littlest one.  Her name was Kaylee and she was all grey.  She had won my heart and was convinced we were keeping her.  I was very sad over her passing.  I took her little body to the vet and they told me there was no charge for her because she was only 1 pound.  Well, the other 4 have kept me on my toes.  They have had colds, eye boogers, fixing and giving them medicine.  I have been thrown in to being a mom and housewife all in one shot.  I am learning that it is ok if I am domesticated.  Its been a change but I am handling it with the help of hubby.  I will post more pictures of the super cute foster kittens I have.

Please feel free to browse the site of the rescue group I go threw and make a donation, a foster or even an adoption if you can!  www.caws.org

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