Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the rest of the trip....

I know I was supposed to get to this while I was up there but I didn't. We had a great time visiting and hanging out! Continuing on with my story.

So after Trader Joe's we went to the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Portland. There was sooooo many people there. The tree was supposed to light around 5:30ish. No such luck. It was 6:15 or 6:30 before we saw anything. Luckily Chris got Liz out there in time to see it. She was so anxious all night. This is a cute picture of Chris and Elaina. Chris' back hurt the next day from holding her like this, but we didn't lose her!

So that was Friday. Saturday we went to the nearest town and did a little shopping and then went back to the house for Liz's birthday party with her friends. We played a little Rock Band that night. I am pretty sure I scratched the game. Way to go Angie. :-( Sunday we woke up and Liz opened her gifts from the family. She was so excited to get a teddy bear hamster from her mom. (We picked him up on Saturday while we were in town. Sneaky sneaky!) Then she finally got to open a gift from Grandma Jo that had been sitting there since she left for Asia. Emmilee watched so intently as Liz opened the card. Then she pulled things out of the bag. The first thing she pulled out was a little spiral notebook. Emmilee says, "Liz! Your very own diahreah!" I thought I was gonna bust a gut. This is the youtube video of it....but it is about 4 mins long.

Liz and Emmilee opening gifts

Then we went to a Christmas party that night for kids and families of kids with cancer. It was a lot of fun watching the girls. They got their faces painted and played games and danced. So cute!
Monday, we got up in enough time to see them off to school and we were on the road again. It was sad to leave them. It was so fun to be able to go though. Would do it again in a heartbeat....even though we ran into a bunch of fog on the way home. And Chris got to eat at Popeye's Chicken! Its the shit! There is one on the way to Portland. Will post more pictures later. Enjoy the diahreah video!

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