Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why can't I sleep?

Right now it is exactly 2:44am and I cannot sleep. My poor hubby is coughing and having some other cold related issues that causes him to roll around and be up and down. This keeps bringing him to the question of, "Why are you up?" Frankly, my dear, I have no stinkin clue. I had a rough day at work, I was super tired and ready to go to bed, I took my meds, crashed and now here we are 4 hours later. Awake. Eye twitching...again....still. Maybe more snuggling over some sleepy time tea and a movie, regardless of the hour would be helpful to my mind. *sigh* One good thing at being up at this hour....I got to talk to my in-laws that are half a world away! Their nighttime is my day time and vice versa. That was nice. :-) Even if it was only over IM, just for a moment.

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