Friday, November 28, 2008

We have arrived!

So me and Chris got into Carlton, Oregon about 4pm yesterday. We drove from Boise to here, so it made for not such a long drive overall. There wasn't much weather to run into, luckily, except for some fog. I will have to post some pictures later because due to my dorky-ness....I decided to leave the cord for the camera at home. We had a little detour due to looking for a gas station about 2 miles up a mountain. Once we did find it, it was a little mom and pop grocery store with an old fashion gas pump with the rolling numbers and everything. We didn't realize that it was Thanksgiving Day and everyone would be closing early. All we knew is we needed gas and a place to pee. The freeway told us to exit. It was humorous.

When we got here, we were greeted with nothing but hugs and kisses and lots of "Aunt Angie!" and "Uncle Chris!" It was wonderful. We haven't seen these guys in about 10 months. Chris' sister Erin prepared a wonderfully tasty turkey dinner with all the fixin's to eat when we arrived. It was great to have a real dinner and not gas station food.

After dinner we were all just sitting around hanging out, wondering what to do and we decided to give Liz her birthday gift early. Since it wasn't wrapped, Chris put it in the kitchen and asked Liz to get something in the kitchen for him. When she went in there, all you heard was a high pitched shriek. She brought her Hannah Montana dance mat and wig in to show us all and that is what we listened to for the rest of the night. All the girls danced and sang to "The Best of Both Worlds" and now I have it stuck in my head.

We got up today and hung out for a while...had some leftovers (tasty!) and watched the girls play some Wii. Then we went to Trader Joes in hopes they might have my favorite chai tea ever.....but I will continue tomorrow cause I am tired. Night!

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