Sunday, March 14, 2010

Milestone birthdays

30 years old. Isnt this supposed to be the year I have a mental breakdown about my age? Nah! Not me. I adore birthdays. My dad always told me that I could grow old, but I should never grow up. I feel like that means so much more to me now that my life has been given back to me from the reigns of chronic pain. 30 so far has been a great year....granted I am only a few days into it, but all I have done was celebrate.It all started with Friday night and taking Liz, Em, Elaina and Erin to Disney on Ice. I was surprised at the door by the girls wearing princess crowns that said happy birthday on them. That made me smile, but they had bigger surprises in store for me. They made me a crown and a t-shirt with their handprints on it. I almost cried. The girls love is so unconditional. We had a great time at Disney on Ice....seeing their faces was birthday enough for me.Saturday night was our party at our friend Travis' house. So many amazing friends were there. They all brought tasty food to share and lots of hugs as well. We laughed, talked and had a wonderful time. I have the greatest friends a girl could ask for.
Sunday I was able to see super awesome fabulous Niki. She was so nice to take me out to lunch at Olive Garden. We sat and talked and enjoyed a lovely lunch. I just love her guts! She is so genuine and caring....I dont know what I would do without her. We understand what each other is going through and a lot of times our situations are so parallel, its creepy. Niki and I not only share a last name, but our lives have traveled down the sames paths and we understand each other so well. (BTW, we are not related although it would be an honor.)\
So, that was my weekend. It was a blast and the partying isnt over yet. We get to now get together with my parents and siblings to celebrate more! If you dont enjoy birthdays, its time for an attitude change. Cake, friends and fun...thats what birthdays are all about.

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