Monday, March 8, 2010

Surrogate grandparents

In 8th grade, I met my bff that I would now have for life. His name is Mickel and he completed me in ways I didn't understand until life would take it away. This weekend, Mickel's grandpa passed away. Mickel gave me the chance to know this wonderful man who would let me call him grandpa because mine lived in Heber, and was very cranky at that. Jim and Audrey always welcomed me with open arms into their home and always treated me just like a grand-daughter. I would stay over there for hours on end, playing, chatting, goofing off and they didnt mind one bit. They would take me with them on "family" outings and allowed me to fit in a family unit. He was a very sweet man with a very sweet disposition. The thing I remember most about him, is his laugh. I don't remember a time when I was there and he didn't laugh. Their house was always warm and filled with love and acceptance. I will never forget the love they shared with me as my surrogate grandparents.

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