Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Heaven wanted you sooner than I wanted to let you go....

Marshmellow, our fun white kitty, who is secretly our favorite, went to heaven to be with Inka (pictured) and hubby's nephew Zack.  He left us on October 29th, 2010 at 5pm.  
We really weren't sure what brought his sickness on.  Whether it was stress from the kittens I brought in, or the fact that they gave him a cold he didn't want or if he was just done doing his duties with our family.  I am sad that he went so quickly, but unlike Inka, we had a few days to prepare for the worst.

Monday of the week Mushy started to not eat and sleep a whole lot more and just wasn't convinced he should move out of the spot he was sleeping in.  By Wednesday he was no longer using the bathroom and no food or water at all.  I was concerned.  The vet didn't seem quite as worried as we were.  He wanted to do all sorts of expensive tests which all may back to come inconclusive.  So we took a conservative approach with just giving him antibiotics and if we didn't get him to eat, we were to force feed him this smelly, sticky, gross goop.  I did that once every hour on Thursday.  By the end of the day I was emotionally spent.  I couldn't handle another day alone of this.  Luckily hubby was able to stay home and help me look after Mushy and do what we needed to.  He had his antibiotics and a syringe of the goo and thought we would just let him be.  About 2pm came around and he was climbing into the tub, crying, and wanted to be left alone.  Everytime I would go find him, he would cry and cry and move away from me.  The final straw came at about 4pm when he deficated on our floor and didn't even move an inch.  We knew we had to see the vet.  We got him in there but there was a long long wait.  We finally got in to see the so gentle, older doctor and he examined Mush and weighed him.  Before Mushy got sick he weighed 18 pounds.  Wednesday when we got him in he was down to 15.5.  Just 2 days later......14 pounds of Mush was all that was left.  He wouldn't stand on the scale and wouldnt come out of the carrier without being pulled out.  After the exam was over, we knew Mush was being called to be Angel Zack's new kitty.  The doctor and the nurse we had helping our cat, we so quiet and friendly and understanding.  They shaved his leg and put the medicine in and he was gone.  Me and hubby cried, hugged, kissed Mushy, cried more.  We were heartbroken.  What comes after you let go your favorite pet?

That picture I posted on the top of Mushy and Inka always reminds me of a song in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  "There's one more angel in heaven. There's one more star in the sky."

We told Chris sister and she said that she would tell them.  The nieces loved coming over and playing with Mushy.  They asked us how old he was and if we chose to put him to sleep.  Then they said that Zack (their brother who died when he was 6 and 1/2) would be taking care of Mushy now.  Somehow the small comment of a child lifted a great deal of pain from my heart.

Mushy, you will be greatly missed by everyone you ever snotted on.  We are finding ourselves calling your name, feeling for your body and just hoping you will be around the corning.  I am so thankful you allowed us to take you in and there is a hole in our hearts where you once were.  We will never forget you.....but we have to move to the little kitten lives to make happy healthy and adoptable.  They keep my spirits up.  Don't worry little buddy....we will be ok.

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likethesocks said...

Oh Angie! Your post made me cry - It reminds me of when I lost my little kitten years ago. It's sad when they go but much harder when you have to watch them suffer first. *Super Hugs* I'm glad Mushy went to take care of your Angel Zack, sounds like they will be good companions for each other. Hearts, Stars and Kitten Nuzzles!