Monday, November 17, 2008

My very first blog EVAR!

Look what I can do! Yes, I do feel a little like Stuart right now. This is my first blog that is NOT on myspace. I think I mostly did it to keep track of my friends and blogs that I like to watch on here. Maybe I can make a blog of my own that will someday be nominated for some sort of awesome award.....or not. Watch out. There are going to be a lot of kitties on here too. Probably a lot of work stories, hubby antics, weight frustrations (as that is what I am struggling with right now for all the RIGHT reasons), and all kinds of misc. things. Maybe even some fun friends pictures. Oh and some family ones too. I hope to someday compare to Jenny Heffler. :-) Yes, Jenny I know I spelled your name wrong. Or even Niki Brooks....I might have to steal her awesome camera to be that super cool. If I had that camera though....all you guys would see is cats, kittehs, and more kitties. Well, off to work and build a profile!


1 comment:

Niki said...

Yay, welcome to the blogosphere! er, blogoverse? Anyway, welcome!