Thursday, January 29, 2009

I now approve!

WOOTY WOOT WOOT WOOT! Yesterday I was just frustrated. My butt hurt, I was tired of arguing with people on the phone and I just wanted to go home and get in bed. When I did...I took my meds to go to sleep I couldn't go to sleep for 3 hours! I layed there in pain and just cried.

Well, today is a new day. Work went ok. My butt still hurt. In order to alieviate that, I took my happy ass on a walk out in the lovely sunshine, all alone in the middle of the day. That was nice. The snow was melting, the birds were singing and the sun was shining....and it was quiet. AND I WALKED HALF WAY AROUND THE BLOCK WITHOUT STOPPING. Sorry for the yell. That is a big achievement for a fat chick. I used to walk with friends and make them stop at this green brick wall everytime. I feel parts of me changing.
Then, it is time for my ebay auctions to end. I had decided to sell my old Nintendo DS games because I don't use them anymore. (I can't tell you why or else I would have to kill you...thanks hubby) I had put 7 of them up for $7 each with shipping, a couple of DS cases for $5 and then a couple of old school GBA games up together for $5. IF I would have sold them all it would have given me maybe $60? Right now I am up to making $90!!!! Holy canolis batman! The power of ebay is in my hands!
Maybe I should make a happy list for today. I am feeling it. I really should do it on the days I am not feeling it too...but today is a good day. :-)

1. Ebay making me lots of sweet moolah! WOOT!
2. Friends posting pictures of you in your Halloween costume. LOL
3. White chocolate. Mmmmm.
4. Walking alone in the sunshine.
5. Looking forward to fight night!
Lets do more....
6. Hiring a friend to clean your house because she says she doesn't mind and you don't mind paying her. But then you find the silly things her son did while she was cleaning and laugh your butt off.
7. A hubby to talk to on the ride home from work.
8. Friends to talk to at work.
9. Friends to talk to at home.
10. Hugh Laurie. Yum.

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