Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today is just Meh.

Even though I am having a "Meh" day I am going to do my 5 things. It is gonna be a rough one for me to get through let me tell you. Today I am thankful for....
1. Having a stable job that keeps me even though sometimes I'm not.
2. Noise blocking headphones.
3. Benadryl
4. Bright pink sharpees
5. Kitties that were made for me with toe socks on!!!

I will post a picture later. Angela (my friend Travis' awesome girlfriend) made them and gave them to me. How could you not love the 2 most bestest things in the world. They are put together! WOOT! We had a good time having a belated New Years party on Saturday at Travis'. I had a little too much to drink at the beginning of the night and fell on the couch. No one had really seen me drink and I was having a great time. Well, I am going home now....hopefully to watch American Idol. I know, I am a geek.

P.S. I am finally getting a new phone so I can throw my windows based phone out the window of the car on the freeway!!!! Hurray!

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