Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stealing posts from friends.

I love love love reading my friends blogs. Well, make that friends and strangers. Peeking into their lives and seeing what they are upto and what fun things they have been doing. I have a great friend Niki who blogs often about funny and inspirational things. Recently she even started a craft blog. I am so in awe of her. Even with suffering from an illness and a hubby with a bum leg she is so upbeat and has the best attitude. On top of that she always has great advice for all of her friends who need her. Back to what I was trying to say. I found something I would like to try. On her site, I found a great thing we all should try. I think I am going to do it at least once a week. It says 365...but I get busy and don't blog weekly is a good goal. So lets give it a try. 5 things that have graced my life today or at anytime in my life. What can we come up with.

1. Great company at dinner...even at a horrible resturaunt.
2. Fuzzy pj pants to keep my leggies warm.
3. Talking to an old friend and picking things up like you never left them off.
4. Getting $5 in the mail to take a survey because I love taking surveys!
5. Pets who greet you at the door.

That is my five for the day. I hope I did it right. :-) Conclusion to the whole court ordeal. I was supposed to be in court yesterday. Yes, I screwed up, can't read and was supposed to be there yesterday at 10:30. I went to the lady almost in tears, asking what I could do. She said there was a warrant out for my arrest already and I could come back to court next week. I didn't feel like going through all that stress again, weighed my options there and sucked it up. I paid the ticket. The city of Murray got my money. I hope it fills a pot hole or two. *sigh* I am such a push over. Oh well. Life goes on. Good night.


Niki said...
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Niki said...

Angie, OMG! You're so flippin' sweet it kills me! I love that you are jumping on board with this!! And I love that you see the good and the strength in me even, and most especially, when I sometimes can't see it myself. I am so grateful to have you in my life and am honored to call you my friend. You, good lady, inspire ME!

Allison0124 said...

I LOVE this post. I am going to write 5 things down that I am grateful for on mine as well. (I'm like you though.. I LOVE being a snoop and looking into all my friends and strangers lives too!!) I just wish people would update theirs more so I could waste more time looking at them.. haha!!