Monday, February 2, 2009

7 years....REALLY????

Well, me and hubby have been married 7 years as of today. Wow. I don't think I can even believe it. When he got out of the car today, he looked at his lunch box and pulled off the binder clip and gave it to me...I was a dork and put it on my shirt. Of course it is still there. :-) But then I was surprised with this....

What??? Shut up and get right out of town! Isn't that cute of him? It even has a 7 in it! On top of that, on the card, it had lyrics from our song. No, I am not telling you what that is. What a cute hubby.....Love you, butt!

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Niki said...

That is hella cute!! Happy anniversary, sweetie.

I'm craving pineapple now.