Friday, February 13, 2009

Ca Ca Ca Ca....Poo Poo Poo Poo

I dont normally beleive in Friday the 13th and the hokey stuff that goes along with it, but today might be the exception. As you can see, by my last post it started out from the hubby always AWESOME! Then it just went down hill. At work we have to track every time we have a gap of 15 mins. What? 15 mins? Maybe I was pooping, or talking to a co-worker about a claim, or just talking to a co-worker. If I get my stuff done, why am I being babysat? Ok, fine. I will work on a way to get it fixed. I will get my hard working co-workers together and we will figure out a way to be trusted again!
Moving on. After work, I got tickets for Marcus for Sunday. That is the one thing we are leaving the house for this weekend. Got chinese food from the Smith's and went to get Chris from work. Smelled it all the way home. We got almost home and I noticed the flowers had tipped over and I asked hubby if there was water coming out of them. He said yes and proceeded to pick up my soaking wet, waterlogged G1. It was dripping. For some reason, my new car didn't matter at this point...just my stupid cell phone I have gotten annoyingly attached to. We get home and clean up the water and I take the chinese food out of the backseat and on the seat is BBQ sauce from the pork. Now I seem to care about the new car. I get the spot remover from upstairs and we clean it up best we can and finally make it in the house to dismantle the phone. Chris takes it apart. You know those dots that show when you have dropped it in water? Mine showed I dropped it in water. Immediately, I think of Mickel. He works at a major cell phone company and can tell me what to do. Chris also reminds me we have insured the phones. In talking to Mickel, he tells me usually there is a deductible involved when replacing a phone. Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Deductible? What is the insurance for? I look it up and my deductible is just as much as I paid for my phone! $130! I let Chris know and right now we are just waiting until tomorrow to figure it all out.

I think my lesson for today is to find the beauty and pride in non-material things and to quit getting attached to them so danged easily. *sigh* But now that it is ok to have them it is so fun. Maybe I need to go spend some time in the jungle with Ben and Rach and learn my lesson about all this.

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Niki said...

Oi! Hopefully the rest of your weekend goes much better.

And incidentally, my experience has been that if you let electronic things dry COMPLETELY, they often tend to work just fine again. Here's hoping!!