Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do you do lent?

I know I am not the most religious person you know, but I like to participate in lent. Every year I try to figure out what it is I most enjoy and embark on giving it up for 40 days and 40 nights. This year it is my beloved white cholcolate that I just discovered this past christmas. In one week, I consumed 6 Lindor White Cholcolate bars in one week. This is how hooked I am. So goodbye white chocolate and along with you goes soda....again. Which I have been giving up off and on for a while now. Here's to day one.


Jenny said...

I do indeed! This year, instead of giving something up, I decided to focus on more of a physical, mental, and spiritual well-being (that sounds way more intense than it actually is). Anyway - I just want to get my body and my mind healthier. So, I'm working on exercising more (dread), and doing things like reading books more instead of being on the computer all the time. We'll see how it goes!

P.S. My mom is giving up all junk food. Ouch.

cebweb said...

Do you want to tell everyone why it took you a week to finish 6 bars?

Niki said...

I don't think that Lent necessarily has to be a religious just has religious origins.

Good luck with the chocolate and soda. I can't buy any chocolate either, and I've got "Aunt Irma" visiting next week. Yikes!