Monday, February 16, 2009

Its D-E-D...dead.

The G1 is officially dead. We let it sit in warm places, all taken apart and even in a bag of rice hoping to soak up all that drippy wetness it was in. No dice my friends. It was sitting in that water for way too long. Chris was nice enough to call Saturday afternoon to see if we had to pay that $130...again. Unfortunately we do. They told us that the G1s wer out of stock and didn't know when they would be in. I would be officially phoneless. Man, the way I put that it sounds worse than homeless. Hubby being the super, awesome, studly hubby he is, got my phone from another carrier unlocked and working with our current carrier! Hurray. I have a phone. Not to mention the insurance people called and let us know on Sunday and said they had a phone for me....and...and...AND its bronze!!!! I guess I came out ok on this deal after all. Now we just wait for the new G1 to arrive.

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