Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wild Card Wednesday

I missed TV Tuesday. That is OK...Wild Card Wednesday can make up for it cause it is MY choice! If you know know I LOVE TV!!! Reality TV is my very favorite. Since it is summer time I am watching all those summer time replacements. I am waiting for the good old stand-bys to come back for fall seasons like House, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, (crossing my fingers for) Reaper, Ugly Betty and a few others.
But right now Angie is neck deep into the horrible of the horrible of the reality TV shows. Some of which I am kinda embarrassed to mention. First I will mention my favorite. Have you seen Big Brother on CBS? They all get locked in a house, no contact with the outside and are watched like lab rats, and get voted out one by one. Last one standing gets 500 thousand dollars. I think it is the voyeur in me that loves this show.
Now I have been watching some really good ones on A&E that are informative and provocative at the same time and really emotionally gripping. The first is Intervention. Take a druggie, make him think he is making a documentary about drugs, get him high and do stupid shit on camera, make his family cry about the stupid stuff he has done, then make him go to an intervention and agree to go to treatment. Play sappy music when they show how good (or bad) he has done with his life. Show #2...Obsessed. All about these people with different kinds of OCD and they show how they obsess about different things and how they have anxiety about it, what they do to get over it and show them while they go through 3 months of treatment. Here is the kicker....sappy music at the end while it shows how well (or not well) they did at the end. I liked this one, it showed so many people from so many walks of life with so many spectrum of the problems. Show #3 Hoarders just came on. This show is about...well hoarding and the issues (mentally, physically and damaging to your home) it can cause. The people are usually faced with eviction, condemning from the city or one lady couldn't bring her husband home until she cleaned up. They have a team that can help them in 2 days....if they let them. Some are sad, some are disgusting, some you just want to ring around the neck and say "Let them help you!" It is interesting!
Then you also have those shows that you are completely unable to tell anyone you watch like, Dating in the Dark, Dance Your Ass Off, 18 kids and Counting, Megan Wanted a Millionaire Before He Killed a Hooker, Charm School, Toddlers and Tiaras, Wipeout, Tori and Dean, Daisy of Love, Tool Academy, and any other E! True Hollywood story and other wretched shows like that.
I apologize for any of these offensive shows and hopefully with fall season here and the help of Bill Frost from the City Weekly....maybe we can all watch something fun together......

Or better yet, step away from the TV and start a book club. What a novel *hee hee* idea.


Jenny said...

So excited for my reality TV! Survivor, Dancing with the Stars, Amazing Race...I can't wait. And Danny and I also watch Wipeout :) We love that show.

Angie Brooks said...

LOL Glad I am not the only one addicted to reality TV and can admit it. :-)