Thursday, September 10, 2009

Going back in time...

Since this is supposed to be Thursday Throwback, I thought I would actually keep up with my word. This is a toss back to my high school days. I dont remember what year this was taken in, but this is of me and my BFF (still to this day) at Sears. His mom took us and we got these super corny shots of us together. We got separated after we went to Joel P. Jensen Middle school. One of us had to go to Copper Hills High and the other to West Jordan and we were pretty much devastated. So, down to the local Sears we went to get super cheesy photos, by an equally young photographer. We probably spent about $100 of Mickels moms money but we had good time laughing and goofing off. Mickel thinks my mom gave him that hair cut. I am hoping that my mom didnt do something that awful like a bowl cut to him. That is just hideous! Poor Mickel. My mom did cut a lot of my guy friends hair. I think she still have my one friend Dave's long ponytail. My mom is a good saver of things. If you ever think you might have lost something from when you were a kid, nah...just ask my mom.

On a side note, I went in for my dental surgery today. It was kinda awful, but as long as I keep up on my pain meds and dont try and eat too much I am ok. There are a few stitches in my mouth and they get in the way of food and important things like that. Before I even sat up out of the chair, I had a bruise forming on my face. How cool do you have to be to get a bruise going right away? I rock the casbah! Not sure if I will feel up to partying much tomorrow night, if at all. I kinda feel like hubby is wanting me to be his DD, but sometimes you just have to let someone with stitches in their face heal. I have chosen to sleep on the couch tonight due to the fact they asked me to sleep elevated and I snore. Hubby has to work tomorrow. I will cut him a break there. Well, I am gonna go watch a movie and hope for a little shut eye. Maybe have one of those tasty Creamies hubby bought me. :-) Hurray! Maybe I will see you for family friday unless I think of another topic. Bye!

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