Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TV Wednesday.....

hello everyone. this post looks a little wonky because it is being made from my phone from my bed....woohoo. with might i say very little punctuation due to the fact my phone goes silly everytime i try to use it. Tomorrow I go in for my failed root canal surgery. I don't feel prepared. I haven't cooked, cleaned, or done anything in which one might do before a surgery. Now I feel unprepared. What do you do at hour 19? Oh well right??

Let's talk TV! Anyone watching the new season of Americas Next Top Model yet? I know it just debuted tonght but I adore this show and all the drama that goes with it. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! If you have it tivoed....pass this next little bit. Didn't you think the bald chick should have been tossed right off the building for bitching nd whining just about her eyebrows and make up??? Hullow! That's just me. And what do we think of Tyras dark hair? I personally love it! It is sassy! Loved that on her show she took out her weave! Moving on....

Project Runway....who ISN'T watching this??? Heidi is gorgeous! And let's. Not forget Tim Gunn! Woo! THAT'S HOT!!! I am so glad the dork that messed up 3 projects in a row is finally gone. Took him long enough. The team challenge was so very entertaining. The fights, the sass and the supurb outfits in the end! I am not sure who is my fav yet but I will probably know by tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

Last for those of you following along....Big Brother 11. Kevin, Natalie and Jordan. Who's gonna win it all kids? I know who I want, but is that the same as what is really gonna happen? Lemme just say go Kevin!

Looking forward to the good old stand bys and some new ones. Ugly Betty, House, Castle.....maybe Reaper *fingers crossed*, and Breaking Bad. Talking to you all soon!

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