Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brooks family photo

Today we are having family Saturday. I know I missed it yesterday. We were spending time with family yesterday saying "See you later" to Ben, Rach and the kids. They are going back home to the jungles of Indonesia to do their mission work. Today we will be sharing the Brooks family photos! And look...There we all are!
This is Chris with his brother Ben and his sister Erin. Wow. To me I dont think any of them look alike, but then again, I cant see the resembalance in my family either. Maybe it is just me.

A funny shot of the kids with mom....looks like mom was saying something. LOL

And of is me and Chris. Not sure if I am fond of the hair done with the straightener. I will think about it some more.

Font sizeFinally...this was a break between pictures when they told us all to make funny faces. Of course they gave it to us. LOL Thanks Mike! :-)

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