Saturday, February 20, 2010

Being crafty with naughty words

I hope my friend doesnt see this before she gets her gift in the mail...but I had to share my craftiness with the world. I had to cross stitch 2 of these for a couple of deserving people. My friend at work recently lost her mom to pancreatic in my head she and her sister deserved this little cross stitch gem. I also found out about my friend across the country who had cancer. It is in her jaw and face and she is now undergoing treatment and from what I can tell, doing well. The ironic thing was her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor not 6 months before. How is it in one couples life cancer decides to reek havoc on them both. Life baffles me sometimes. So my little sign is dedicated to all these people. I wish them no more pain and most of all no more cancer.
Thank you to Subversive Cross Stitch for teaching me how to cross stitch bad words. Its oddly satisfying. If you are interested, here is her website where she sells kits.

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Niki said...

It is oddly satisfying, isn't it? You did a lovely job on this! And what a nice thing to do for your two friends, they'll love 'em and be able to smile and think of you every time they see 'em.