Friday, February 5, 2010

Scars continued.....

Finally I arrive in my room, after asking for my husband about 20 times in the recovery room. I was so happy to see Chris and my mom. I felt like I had just gone to sleep and now it is 7 hours later. I let the nurse know that I was hungry and they were nice enough to round up 2 dishes of mac n' cheese. Hubby fed me since I had to stay flat on my back for 3 more days. (they wanted my spine to stay flat with my head in case I developed a spinal fluid leak...I could be on my side but no sitting up.) I dont remember sleeping much but I really dont remember a lot of that night. Saturday my mom brought Jamba Juice after nutrition services had brought me a disappointing eggs, hasbrowns and toast combo. Try eating that while laying flat. LOL! After that breakfast the cafeteria people helped me find things that were more feasible to eat without much help. I ended up eating things like quesadillas, more mac n' cheese, and lots of PB & J. In the middle of the night, when no one was around, I would ask for peanut butter sandwiches. For the 4 nights I was there I probably ate 2-4 per night along with a carton of milk.
Saturday was my favorite day. I told Chris to go to a party that had been planned for a while now. He needed to go relax and hang out with friends. Around 11pm I called him and ended up talking with just about everyone at the party. It made me feel so loved.....jealous of their drunken-ness....but loved none the less. On top of that, Chris brought a card to the party that everyone signed.
Sunday was an awful day. I started the day by throwing up all in my hair and the side of my neck. I didnt get the hang of where to aim until the 2nd time. I dont know what made me so sick, but all of Sunday I was miserable. I was hot in the face but cold on my body. I had a headache and on top of that I couldnt keep any of my pain meds down. I felt bad for the poor guy who had to come clean me up after I puked. He was so nice and had this stuff to wash my hair without water. Chris ended up staying the night on the fold out couch because he worried about me.
Monday brought a new day and feeling sooo much better! Monday evening I started to sit up...30 degrees for 3 hours at a time. Tuesday was even better!!! I was sitting up eating tasty food. The doctor came in said I could get out of bed, get the catheter out and take a shower. All of that turned out to be awesome, yet tiring and painful at the same time.
Yet be continued.

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