Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear February 22nd, 2010.....

Dear today,
I just wanted to thank you for all I was given. A warm bed to which I woke up to a fabulous husband. A wonderful job who sometimes I bash unnecessarily. For a newly forming friendship at work....those are always a welcome thing. Thank you for the friends I have now and plan on entertaining again at lunch tomorrow. Thank you for the super friends that I had a great weekend with and cannot wait to hang out with again. Thank you for Chris' amazing sister Erin, for providing us with nutritious things to eat instead of going out all the time. Thank you for making it 4 o'clock so I could run out of the building to meet my sweetheart. I dont think I can thank you for the tooth pain...sorry. Thank you for proving me with a home, with a garage for our cute car, and kitties to greet me as I come in. Thank also for letting us be able to afford nice new toys. Chris loves his new phone. Today, I am very thankful for you and I am excited for what tomorrow has in store.


P.S. I am not thanking you for the banana song. But thanks for the cute hubby who sings it with me.

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