Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love my scar...part 3

Tuesday became my favorite day! I made sure I had my pain meds because there was a lot to be done. After sitting up, the doctors decided the catheter could come out. After that I was to have a shower! Woohoo for not being gross anymore. I never understood the awesomeness of a shower chair until this moment. I sat and got all of the yucky-ness out from the past 4 days. It was the best shower of my life! I got dried off and put on real clothes instead of a gown. My mom brought me the comfiest night gown. It was nice on my stitches and warm at that. I think I stayed in long nightgowns for the next 2 weeks. Tuesday also brought the slowest walk down the hall ever known to man....but I was walking! I think Tuesday was also the day my in-laws came to visit me but I was so tired they had to visit with my mom.
Wednesday I went home with my mom to her house. I tell you, surgery brings out the slow and painful because that was the longest and most painful car ride of my life. No matter how many drugs I was on, it hurt. I fell asleep right as we got in the door. Being at mom's house was nice. The bathroom wasnt far away, it was all on one level and if I needed anything, my mom was right there. I ended up staying at her house from December 23rd to December 31. I was supposed to go home earlier but Chris caught himself a man cold and wouldnt let me see him. Chris also brought my favorite cat, Marshmellow to stay with me and mom. When Mushy came, I was no longer home sick. During those 7 days at moms house were ok. I started walking laps around her house and outside to build strength and stamina. I was doing well...or so I thought.
Sunday my wound started to leak. From a small leak, to about a foot across. This scared the heck out of me. I ended up having my mom take me to the ER to get it checked out. They put 5 more stitches in the top of my wound because I had torn it open. This didnt help much. I still was leaking through bandages, clothing and on my bed. Chris ended up being the best murse (male nurse) you could ever ask for and everyday, sometimes twice, he would check it and rebandage it. He was so gentle.
I did make it out of the house for Christmas. I got to go see my neices and in-laws before they left. It was nice to get out of the house. I also, made an hour appearance at my friends New Years party. We were back home and in bed by 11pm. I was a sad date for New Years.
But New Year, brought a new Angie!!! I was back to work on January 4th. The doctor said this was manditory. She gave me a pep talk after I told her I didnt want to go to work yet...I wasnt ready. Dr. Bisson was the only one I would listen to. After we talked, I was released to work and back I went. I have been going strong since then. When I saw her again for my month follow up, I let her know that I would have never gone back to work if anyone else told me. She gave me the tough love I needed to keep going and start getting back to "normal". I thanked her and I will see her again in April for the monitoring of the tumors. I guess we will see where that adventure takes me. Until then, I am swimming, walking and doing things I thought I would never do again. I am so happy with the physical AND mental results. That scar represents so many things to me and new life is one of them. That scar helped my marriage, my outlook on life, and how it is to be a normal part of society again. My scar gave me hope....and it continues today.

So watch out people....some of you haven't met the real Angie...but she is coming to a town near you!

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