Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busted fingers and conflicting doctors

Yes, I broke my finger. No, I wasn't put in a medieval torture device by my boss like I sometimes tell people. Although, its fun to say. On March 12th....just a few days after I fell down the stairs in my house and the day after my 29th birthday, I got called into my managers office to chat. Well, I scooted the chair too hard and too fast and smooshed it between the arm of the chair and a metal part of her desk and it broke. My finger, not her desk. :-) It had this nice straight cut on it and it bled while we were talking. I think I even almost swore when I did hurt that bad. I wasn't going to have it checked and when Chris saw it he let me know how we were spending our evening. We went down and got it x-rayed and they splinted me up and told me it was broken...small but still broken. Saturday I was having some burning in the bottom of my finger and I kept taking the splint off so I went back to the same clinic, but saw a different doctor. He is an ortho doctor (ortho doctor douche bag if you ask me) and x-rayed it again and told me that the burning is from the bruising that is happening in the muscles and its not really broken, just buddy tape it and you will be fine. For workers comp injuries, I am supposed to have follow up I go to mine on the week following the initial injury. Dr. DB isn't there and I see the doctor I saw the first time and she tells me it is broken and splints it back up and I will be wearing the splint for 2-3 weeks. Fast forward one week. This past Thursday I go in to get it re-checked again to see if I am doing any better. No. I still have a marshmallow finger, it still hurts and I am getting sick of this. The doctor who has been seeing me since the beginning says maybe there is an infection in there and we will give you a shot of antibiotics in your bum and come back for another tomorrow night....oh and here are some to go. Friday night we go in and the wait is just too long and we decide to come in Saturday morning instead. That brings us to today. Dr. DB is there today. He wants to do more x-rays and not follow what is written on the plan...after all he is the ortho doctor who knows all! Do more x-rays and they show my bone is healing. HURRAY! He does not follow her orders though. He takes me out of my splint and no shot of antibiotics in the bum and tells me to go get hand therapy. I got upset and asked him why he wasn't just going with her orders. He got all defensive about how he is an ortho guy and he does this for a living and sees this all the time. He told me what he wanted me to do....I told him I would make a decision of what I wanted to do next week. Since I have proof that my finger is healed, I might just have to go the route of splint off, rehab my own damned finger and if it gets any worse I will go see my own doctor from now on.

On a happy side note, I got into the pain management clinic this past Tuesday....saw all 3 doctors that you need to see for them to make an assessment on you and we will hopefully know something next Tuesday or Wednesday about how they can help improve my quality of life. *listening to the angels sing* They were so nice and helpful and even the psychotherapist guy told me I wasn't crazy! BONUS!


Niki said...

It's broken....not it's not...yes it is...not it's not...ya uh!

God, these doctors sounds like toddlers. How frustrating!!

I'm super glad to hear you had a positive experience at the pain clinic, though! I sure hope they can bring you some relief.

Bekah said...

What a bummer. I hate the doctor run around. At least you know it's not broken though. Hopefully it feels better soon!