Saturday, March 7, 2009

More cats in hats.

Maybe I should just start a blog about me embarassing my cat and dressing him up in rediculous clothing. I LOVE IT! He hates it and so does my husband. But let me tell you this last one was classic! Who doesnt think a cat in a Wendy's girl wig is hilarious??? Come on now. You are wondering what he looks like and how funny this is gonna be. You know you are. I can see it through the monitor. Well, here is Mushy cat in his Wendy's girl wig!

So it is kinda small...but it is also, blurry. He didn't like it, ok? We thought it was effin' funny! This next picture is even better...this one we call pissed off cat in a Wendy's girl wig....roflmao!

"Mom I am done with this shiz....take it off!" Hahahahahaha! Sorry cat. I love dressing you up. Maybe I will start a new blog about dressing cats up and other people can contribute, like Go there if you havent seen it. Its a laugh and a half! Ok bye guys!


Niki said...

I had this little pioneer girl hat as a kid, and I used to put that thing on my poor cat all the time. Along with dresses.

Mandyvano said...

I don't know what to say...