Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I miss them!

These two cuties are Lydia and Noah. The cutest couple of relatives a girl could ask for. They live far far away too. Their mom and dad decided to go on a Christian mission and build homes for 2000 children out in the jungle. It is so beautiful out there, though I have never seen it. They are doing so much wonderful work. I just wish they could do wonderful work close to home. :-) They are well rounded kids who are so worldly and kind and wise. You would never think they were 7 and 4. They are amazing and amaze me everyday. Lydia would ask me while they were on furlough why I had fake finger nails and when I was going to take them off. I told her they make me feel pretty. She would tell me I didn't need them to make me feel pretty, I already was. I almost was disappointed in myself when I put them back on this February. They didn't stay on for long. Lydia got in my head, even if she didn't know it. We were able to spend about 6 or 7 months with them last year when they came home for an extended visit. We would spend Monday nights together and just getting to know each other again. It was amazing. I long for those times again. They are such a giving family who gives their whole life....I am truly amazed by them. Well, I better write to them since Skype isn't working so well for us tonight. I did get to hear Rachel and Lydia's voices for about 90 seconds. :-) I will write about my not so important broken finger tomorrow night.

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