Monday, March 9, 2009

Henna, fun and fall down go boom!

You know, we had a mostly good weekend. Saturday I felt good enough to work for a half day. How super cool is that? Then we got it all coordinated to get together with Mikey (my ex-boyfriend, but still awesome friend from high school), his husband Derek, and Angela and Travis. Funny thing is...Angela and Mikey work together! They are great buds too. We had a great time. Played Apples to Apples, got some henna done and did a lot lot lot of laughing. Here is my henna by the way!

Sorry it is upside down. That is the only way I can take pictures of my own hands and I forgot to flip it. And yes that is a kitty in the middle there. :-) In the middle of chatting and henna, Hubby decides he needs to henna himself on his knuckles. He spells out hate on his knucks like some prison tattoo. Blame it on the booze. It was still fun!

Sunday didn't turn out so well though. I got up around 9 or 10 or I am not really sure cause of the time change, but was walking down the stairs and my foot hit the edge of the stair and I slid and tumbled down. Landed myself right there on my butt by the fridge. Poor hubby jumped outta bed and asked if I was ok. I couldnt decide if I was crying cause I was panicking or because I was hurt. Once I finally got up, I was crying cause it hurt. We went and spent about 4 hours in the ER. Nothing is broken. Just a sprained knee, wrist and elbow and lots of bruises and sore sore muscles. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. So, I am gonna go lay down and watch a movie since this has been a little painful to write. I will keep you updated though...and take pictures of pretty bruises if I get any!


Niki said...

I like to look for shapes in the bruises and welts I get from my shots. Like we used to do as kids with clouds, or like crazy people do with toast.

*hugs* I hope you don't get any, though and are feeling right as rain soon!!

Angie Brooks said...

Do you touch your bruises or other peoples???? I do! I'm a freak!

Niki said...

I've touched my own. And Nick's. But that's it.

Also...i can has henna?