Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maybe 30 will treat me better.

You know how I told you all I fell down the stairs last Sunday and messed some stuff up, right? Well, then I had a birthday....numero 29. No, not an anniversary of 29 just really 29. It was rough because I came home early that day and my ankle was really swollen. I had my desk decorated by the cute girls at work and Niki took me to an awesome lunch at Chili's and gave me a Tori mixed cd and a towel she cross stitched for me that says "WTF?" on it in bright colors. That part was good. Then I spent the rest of the day in bed pouting because I had a kankle and I had to keep ice on it and dinner was kraft mac and cheese. I got over it.
Thursday...I was starting to feel better. I ditched the knee brace and was walking better. HURRAY! I "accidentally" left my sling at home. Oopsie. That one I really shouldn't have done. My elbow is killing me. I made it to work all day. Good for me. Well, around 4pm I got called into the managers office. Nothing big promise. I get in there and start scooting my chair in and I scoot it so far I squish my finger between the arm of her chair and a metal part of her desk. I squish it so hard and so fast, it starts to bleed. It is hideous. My eyes well up and I start to swear. We have our chat, I leave the room and my finger starts to swell. I just keep thinking, "I am not going to get this checked out, I dont need one more stinking brace on any part of my body." I finish work and Chris picks me up. I showed him what I had done do you know what he says? "We are going to get that checked out." I got it x-rayed and looked at and pulled on and splinted. The doc thought she saw a fracture in my knuckle. Boy was I pissed off. All I could do was laugh. Today I had to go back because while having the splint on, my finger would start to burn. In the middle of the night I took off my splint and lost it in the bed. The nice doc I saw today was some kind of ortho specialist moonlighting at the urgent care clinic...hurray for me! He re-did the x-rays, said it is not broken and told me why it burned so bad. It burns because when you have a muscle that is bruised that badly, it bleeds. The muscle doesnt like blood in it so gravity takes it away and naturally goes to the end of your finger. This blood starts out as red and eventually will turn into a bruise. Gross huh???? Now, I just have to buddy splint it for a week and get it checked out next Saturday due to it being workers comp. And Monday I get rechecked for my fall from the stairs to see if I can ditch the arm brace or not. I guess we will see if I can have a 29th birthday redo. Here's to hoping!!!!!

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