Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A little pick me up for my desk at work!

I guess I made a good impression on this Matt guy....cause look what he brought me! A signed photo (TO ME!) of Air Supply. I love them. I am barely old enough to know them...but my mom used to clean house to them and that is how I became to love them. Last April, I took my mom to see them in Wendover for her birthday. It was soooo super awesome cool. They came out in the audience and sang to all the screaming girls...*swoon* Matt was cool enough to bring this home to me. He took all the pictures for the concert this time they came and he did a great job. Maybe if I ask real nice I can post a couple here.

Also, here is my kitty picture of the day. I just like it because it is bright, sunny and makes the kitty fur look really pretty. I wish I had a cool camera like Niki or Matt but I am not as cool as them yet. This was taken again with my G1 when I was home sick. Love the Inka Stinka and the Mushy. :-) The kitties and hubby take good care of me when I dont feel well.

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Niki said...

Wow, you took this with your G1?? That's awesome! I really love this pic. You're right, it's so sunny and warm.